25 Polo Puns

Polo is a great game for everyone. Sure, the horses aren’t really doing much of anything, but they are better at it than humans. Polo takes a lot of skill and agility. The players on the horses, who each excel in polo puns, know every nuance of polo technique and style.

You can’t just ride a horse into the arena and expect to do well. To be one of the best riders in polo you need to trot along in this topic with the mallet-wielding fellows who roam its equestrian fields — minus helmet hair, though.

Here is a simple list of 25 puns to make you smile and potentially voice them out loud so you can impress/bore your friends.

Polo Puns

Polo anyone? I’m game.

I’m feeling a little horse today, but I’ll still give it my Polo best.

Life is too short to stay in a stable routine. Go Polo.

Let’s saddle up and Polo our way to victory.

Polo players always have a field day.

Don’t stirrup any trouble, just play Polo.

Equestrians say Polo is neigh-borly fun.

Don’t rein in your enthusiasm, just enjoy a game of Polo.

Polo is a sport to hoof it and have fun.

When it comes to Polo, I’m not horsing around.

Don’t worry, be a jockey.

Polo is a game of galloping good times!

Just got back from a Polo match, it was a main event.

Playing Polo is the main attraction for me.

With a little bit of horsepower, you can conquer anything on the Polo field.

Polo Jokes

Polo Puns

Why did the Polo player bring his own saddle to the match? Because he didn’t want to stirrup any trouble.

What is a Polo player’s favorite type of vacation? A horsey ride at the beach.

How do you know if a Polo player is good at cooking? They always know how to handle the stirrups.

What do you call a horse that can play Polo? A Polo-pony.

Why was the horse banned from the Polo field? It was a little too neigh-gative.

How do equestrians say hello to each other? They give a little Polo-nic nod.

What did the coach say to the Polo team before the big match? “I want you to give it your main squeeze.”

Why did the horse feel embarrassed at the Polo match? It forgot to wear its mane cap.

How do you make a Polo player smile? Give them a round of apple-tausing.

Why do Polo players rarely get sick? Because they’re experts at neigh-gating the field.

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