40 Squash Puns

I’m a true squash fan and so I decided to make a list with 40 squash puns. I know that creating a pun from the word “squash” is not hard at all but I’ve put myself to the challenge.

You’ll never think about squash the same way again.

Squash Puns

I couldn’t believe it when the squash won the race – it was a real squash-buckler.

Did you hear about the zucchini’s break-up? It was a sudden squash.

The squash coach asked the team, “Do you wanna get a little squashed today?”

Why did the acorn squash turn red? It saw the tomato.

My friend bet that I couldn’t name all the types of squash, but I said, “That’s a bunch of squash.”

What do you call a tiny squash with a bad attitude? A little squash-fromage.

The pumpkin said to the squash, “You’re quite a squashtastic friend.

The butternut squash told a joke, but it was a real squash and burn.

My neighbor planted a whole garden of squash, and I told him, “You’ve really squashed the competition.

The farmer loved telling squash jokes because they always got the best pumpkins.

I asked the chef, “What’s the secret ingredient in this squash soup?” He replied, “Oh, it’s just a little dash of squashtice.

The summer squash tried to become friends with the edamame, but it turned out to be a real squash-exit.

Why did the spaghetti squash go to a cooking class? It wanted to learn some new pastabilities.

The zucchini said to the yellow squash, “You always brighten up my day. You’re my sun-squash.”

When the deli worker dropped the box of squash, they exclaimed, “Oh, squash and done it.”

Best Squash Jokes

Why don’t melons ever get married? Because they cantaloupe!

What do you call a squashed fruit that’s polite and well-mannered? A cour-tea-bite.

What did the butternut squash say to the acorn squash? You’re not so tough, you just have a hard exterior!

What did the spaghetti squash say to the pesto sauce? You’re the only squash for me.

Why don’t pumpkins like to go on vacation? They’re afraid of the squashquitos.

What is a scary squash’s favorite game? Squash-tag!

Why was the squash so appreciative? Because it was filled with grati-tude.

Why did the squash go to the beach? To see the squash-ions.

Squash Puns

What do you call a tiny squash that can dance? The hokey-pokey pumpkin.

Why did the cucumber refuse to hang out with the squash? It thought the squash was a little too a-peeling.

What do you call a group of squash that likes to sing? A-corn-tet.

Why did the carrot take up squash? Because it found it a-peeling.

Why did the athlete win the squash tournament? He had a good serve.

What do you say to a squash that starts talking about relationships? “Let’s squash that conversation.”

What do you get when you cross a squash and a stove? A hot squash!

Squash Pick-Up Lines

Excuse me, but I think you just squashed my heart.

Are you a garden full of squash? Because I’m digging you.

I never knew a squash could be so gorgeous until I saw you.

Excuse me, do you have a band-aid? Because I just hurt my knee falling for you and your squashy charm.

Are you a squash blossom? Because I’m blooming with interest.

Can you be the calabash to my Lagenaria?

I’m feeling a little lost, can you show me the way to your squash garden?

Hi, do you need someone to help you harvest your squash? Because I’m ready and able to lend a hand.

You must be the missing piece to my squash-puzzle!

Did it hurt when you fell from the vine? Because your beauty has me feeling quite vine-ted towards you.

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