50 Athlete Jokes

Ever since the evolution of society, athletes have been a part of human culture. With the invention of sport, there was always the one who came out on top as the most athletic of the competition, and even today, sports is a prominent activity in some countries.

In the world of sports, where competitions, teams, and training take center stage, athletes and their remarkable feats have always been a source of amusement.

The athletic arena provides an endless well of inspiration for comedy.

When it comes to puns, Athlete jokes are the best. I love them. My favorite ones often involve word play, and double entendres. Here are some funny jokes that were uttered by athletes over the years.

Athlete Jokes

Why did the soccer player bring string to the game? So they could tie the score.

The marathon runner always takes long breaks. They’re a pro at “jogging” their memory.

Why do golfers bring two pairs of pants? In case they get a hole in one.

What’s the favorite exercise of a globe-trotting athlete? Running around the world.

How do baseball players stay cool during a game? They stand close to the fans.

Why did the football team go to the bakery? They needed a good roll for their offense.

The gymnast opened a bakery. Their specialty is flipping doughnuts.

How do basketball players say goodbye? They dribble away.

Why did the tennis player bring a ladder to the match? They wanted to reach new heights.

What do you call a fish that’s great at basketball? Swish.

The boxer wasn’t scared of his opponent. He knew he could knock ’em out with one-two puns.

How do track and field athletes do math? They sprint through calculations.

Why was the soccer field so hot? All the fans were there cheering.

The swimmer was tired of water puns. They just couldn’t dive in any longer.

What’s an athlete’s favorite type of dance? The sprint-ango.

Athlete One-Liners

Running late is my specialty—I can sprint from my bed to the shower in record time.

I used to play tennis, but it was a racquet of my time.

Gymnasts are so clever, they always know how to flip the script.

I wanted to be a professional athlete, but I couldn’t get past the first base of tryouts.

Basketball players have great rebound relationships.

Why do surfers never go broke? Because they’re always catching waves.

I tried golf once, but I wasn’t a fan. It was too much of a swing and a mess.

The soccer game was full of suspense—it kept me on the edge of my seat, until I slipped and fell.

Weightlifting is my passion—I’m always lifting spirits and my water bottle.

Baseball players have the best pitch—I always get caught in their strike zones.

Athlete Jokes

I started swimming, but I didn’t make waves. I just tanned by the poolside.

They say laughter is the best exercise, so I became a comedian to get my gym fix.

I tried boxing, but I quickly realized I wasn’t cut out for the punches—knock-knock jokes are more my speed.

I attempted a triathlon once, but it turns out the hardest part was figuring out where to put my race number sticker.

Golfers have the most patience—I get exhausted just thinking about all those holes.

Athlete Puns

With their skateboarding skills, the athlete really knows how to boardom.

Twisting their ankle didn’t dampen the gymnast’s upbe(ma)t attitude.

Kicking bad habits, the soccer player decided to quit the team.

A baller on and off the court, the basketball player always brings their A-game.

They considered themselves a hole-in-one in every aspect of life, said the golfer.

Explaining their fitness, the cyclist said, “I wheel-y love biking.

Archery was aimless for the athlete, who preferred being a goal-getter.

Trying to walk on water, the swimmer soaked themselves instead.

Strong as “hulk,” the weightlifter never skipped a “curl” at the gym.

Pacing themselves, the marathon runner decided to run for office.

On the slopes, the snowboarder was always “shredding” it.

Always on serve, the tennis player delivers jokes with precision.

Packing a punch with their sense of humor, the karate champion has knockout pun-chlines.

Raising the bar, both literally and figuratively, is the pole vaulter’s specialty.

Scoring goals comes naturally to the hockey player, but punchlines? Not so much.

Offering cheer-apy, the cheerleader is always there to support their friends.

Bursting with punning power, the runner sprints into conversations with puns.

Riding the waves of puns, the surfer is always making a splash.

Blade in hand, the figure skater gracefully glides through pun-filled icebreakers.

Reaching new heights, both on mountains and with pun skills, is the rock climber’s forte.

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