70 Paper Puns

Among the countless inventions that have shaped human civilization, one unassuming material has silently played a significant role—paper.

A versatile material made from wood pulp, has been an integral part of human history for centuries.

From ancient scrolls to modern-day books, it carries knowledge, art, and communication across generations. Its foldable, writable, and printable nature makes it an essential tool in our daily lives.

Let’s unfold the laughter and immerse ourselves in the wittiest world of paper puns.

Best Paper Jokes

Did you hear about the paper’s retirement? It finally folded.

Why did the piece of paper go to therapy? It had an emotional crease.

How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little boogie in it.

Why did the paper clip go to the gym? It wanted to bulk up and become a “muscle-tear.”

What did the paper say to the pencil? “You’ve got the write stuff.”

How do you turn a boring piece of paper into a party animal? You fold it into a paper airplane.

Why did the paper go to school? It was tired of being blank.

What’s a paper’s favorite type of music? Heavy metal… because it’s always shredding.

Why was the paper’s joke terrible? It couldn’t find the punchline–it must have been stuck between pages.

How do you discipline paper? You give it a “time out”–in the paper shredder.

What did the paper say to the pen during their argument? “You’re drawing some pretty sketchy conclusions.”

Why couldn’t the paper climb the mountain? It was too “sheet” to hang on.

How does paper like to travel? By ream-ing the open road.

What did one sheet of paper say to the other? “I’m folding you in for a hug.”

Why did the paper get promoted? It had all the right qualifications, including “creativity” and “sharp corners.”

How do you make a tissue disappear? You blow your nose and watch it “vanish.

Why did the paper lose at poker? It could never keep a straight face.

What’s a stack of paper’s favorite hobby? Playing sheets and ladders.

Why did the paper make a great detective? It was always hot on the trail… of someone who had a paper trail.

What did the paper say when it won the lottery? “Holy sheet! I’m rich.”

Paper Puns

Did you hear about the paper that entered a contest? It was tear-ific.

Paper airplanes… they really take “fly”-ts of fancy.

I’m trying to organize my life, but it’s just a messy ream-ality.

The paper’s favorite dessert is cut-ard pie because it’s always in the “folds” of flavor.

I tried writing a book about paper, but it was just too tear-jerking.

Did you hear about the paper that went to therapy? It needed help dealing with its creases.

I saw a piece of paper at the gym. It was working on its “cardio”-vascular endurance.

How do you get paper to listen to you? You make a solid “ream”-ark.

I tried to make origami, but it ended up being a “fold” disaster.

The paper wasn’t feeling well, so it went to the notebook for some “line”-ament.

The paper dated the stapler, but they eventually broke up because they couldn’t “bind” their differences.

Did you hear about the paper that won an Oscar? It was a “sheet” hit.

The paper was accused of theft, but it proved its innocence. It was just a case of “mistaken envelop-identity.”

The paper had a wild night out and woke up covered in “inky” memories.

Paper always knows how to cheer me up. It’s really good at “lifting” my spirits.

The detective couldn’t figure out who committed the crime, but he had a “paper” trail to follow.

The paper decided to become a comedian. Now it’s always making “punny” jokes.

My paper diary is so organized, it’s practically a “masterpiece of sheet.

You can always trust paper to give you a “sheet”-load of information.

The paper and the envelope got married. The ceremony was so touching, there wasn’t a “dry-rase” in the house.

Paper Pick-Up Lines

Paper Pick-Up Lines

Are you made of paper? Because you’ve got that “un-FOLD-able” charm.

Hey, can I borrow a pen? I want to write down the moment I met you in my diary.

Excuse me, are you a piece of paper? Because you’ve got my heart “wrapped” up.

You must be a sheet of paper, because you’re always on my mind.

It’s a good thing I brought my umbrella, because you make me “rain” love.

If you were a sheet of paper, you’d be “fine” print because you’re irresistibly attractive.

Excuse me, I lost my number. Can I borrow yours on a sticky note?

Are you a paper cut? Because you’re small, but you leave a lasting impression.

You must be a paper magician, because whenever I’m near you, you make my heart “fold” in unexpected ways.

Are you a crumpled piece of paper? Because even though you’re a little wrinkled, you’re still perfect to me.

Can I be your writing instrument? Because I want to leave my mark on your heart.

Excuse me, are you a news article? Because you’ve got me captivated from the headline.

You must be a love letter, because every time I see you, my heart skips a beat.

Is your name “Paper”? Because you’ve got all the qualities I’m looking for – you’re smooth, versatile, and essential in my life.

Excuse me, but you’re like a blank sheet of paper waiting to be filled with love… and my name.

Can I take your picture? I want to capture this moment forever, like a cherished memory in a photo album.

Are you a tear-off notepad? Because you’re always ready to “stick” by my side.

Is your name “Cardstock”? Because you’re strong, thick, and just my type.

Excuse me, are you a bookmark? Because whenever I see you, you bring a new chapter of happiness into my life.

Can I borrow your eraser? I need to fix my mistake of not asking for your number sooner.

Paper One-Liners

A piece of paper stole my wallet, but it’s okay. It was just a briefcase of mistaken identity.

I’m addicted to origami, but it’s okay. It’s my “fold” habit.

I was going to make a paper hat, but I didn’t want to start a “craft” war.

The student’s paper on the evolution of paper was impressive, but it wasn’t the “premier” league of academic journals.

I’m pretty sure my paper cut is mocking me. It’s a “cutting” remark.

Hammer and nails are no match for paper and glue. You could say paper wins hands-“down.”

I’m pretty sure printer ink is made out of black magic. It’s like the ink-arnate object of my frustration.

Paper was invented in China, but people have been writing it off for years.

I wanted to be a writer, but I couldn’t stop “note”-icing all the blank pages staring back at me.

The old newspaper was full of terrible puns. It was really “back-issues”.

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