70 Tennis Puns

Tennis is one of the top ventures of the twentieth century. There might have been a time when tennis wasn’t loved as much, but that’s not the case these days. Especially with the way people talk about it and use puns on it.

It’s a pun-tastic tennis pun extravaganza! Inside, you’ll find everything from “Aces” to “Zaniness” and “Errors.” If you like tennis-related wordplay and want a fun collection of one-liners to share with friends, family, and even co-workers — this one is for you.

Tennis Puns

Serving up some ace puns for you to enjoy.

Why did the tennis player bring a ladder to the court? Because she wanted to reach new heights in her game.

Love means nothing to a tennis player, but puns mean everything.

Don’t fault me for making these puns, I can’t help myself.

Tennis players have a knack for making racket with their puns.

What’s a tennis player’s favorite breakfast food? Served and volleyed eggs.

When the tennis ball saw the pun coming, it just couldn’t ballieve it.

What do you call a tennis player who can juggle? A racketeer.

Why did the tennis court go on a diet? It needed to shed some baseline.

A group of raccoons playing tennis would be called “serve and volleyball”.

Tennis puns are a game of perfectly timed “backhand” humor.

I tried to come up with a tennis pun, but I just wasn’t “on the ball”.

Tennis players are known for their incredible serves, and their puns are equally smashing.

What kind of shoes do tennis players wear? Tennis sneaks.

Tennis puns are so volley entertaining, they should have their own grand-slam comedy tournament.

I hope you enjoy these puns without exclamation marks!

Tennis Jokes

Why did the tennis player bring a ladder to the match?

Because they wanted to climb the rankings.

What do you call a snowman playing tennis?

Serve and volley.

How do tennis players stay cool during a match?

They stand near the fans.

Why don’t tennis players ever get married?

Because love means nothing to them.

What do you get when you mix a tennis player with a baseball player?

Someone who serves aces and hits home runs.

Why do tennis players never get invited to parties?

They always cause a racquet.

How do tennis players stay organized?

They keep their schedules on the court.

Why are tennis games never noisy?

Because players use their “indoor voices.”

What do you say to your opponent after a long tennis match?

“That was quite a racquet we had.”

How do tennis players like their coffee?

They prefer it with a little “server” on the side.

What did the tennis ball say to the racket?

“You’ve got me bouncing off the walls.”

Why are tennis players so good at math?

Because they know how to count their points.

What’s a tennis player’s favorite kind of TV?

The one that has the most sets.

What did the tennis coach say to their star player?

“You’ve got game, set, match.”

Why are tennis players always so determined?

Because they can’t let anything get past them.

Tennis Racket Puns

Tennis Racket Puns

Why did the tennis racket skip breakfast? It was afraid of getting a bad serve.

The tennis racket didn’t need therapy, it just needed to work out its strings.

How does a tennis racket get a job? It needs to have a good serve and a clean record.

What did the tennis racket say to the tennis ball after a long match? “Well-strung, old chap!”

What did one tennis racket say to the other tennis racket? “I love the sound of our strings when we’re together!”

How do you make a tennis racket laugh? Pickle it with a funny vibe.

The tennis racket was a big fan of romantic comedies – it loved a good serve and volley!

Why was the tennis racket going to space? It wanted to serve up some celestial aces.

What do you do when a tennis racket breaks up with you? Let it serve you some notice.

Why did the tennis racket need a break? It had strings attached.

How does a tennis racket party? It serves up aces and slices.

What did the tennis racket say when it won the championship? “I’m the racket your opponent couldn’t handle!”

Why did the tennis racket visit the doctor? It had a serious case of tennis elbow.

How did the tennis racket earn a scholarship? It had a powerful backhand.

Tennis Pick-Up Lines

Are you a tennis ball? Because you’re a grand slam in my eyes.

You must be a tennis player because my heart loves it when you score.

I’d like to make a racket with you, on and off the court.

Do you mind if I take a swing at your heart? You’ve got me loving every moment we’re together.

I must be playing singles, because I can’t take my eyes off of you.

I don’t care about tennis rankings, because in my heart, you’re number one.

Winning a point against you would be impossible because my heart loses every time I’m around you.

Can I have your phone number so that I can call you for love-love every day?

I’d love to give you a tennis lesson – it involves you and me scoring a perfect match.

Love means nothing to a tennis player, but to me, it means everything when I’m with you.

You serve up a perfect match with your smile, and my heart just can’t resist.

If tennis was invented by you, I’d play it every day just to be around you.

You have the sweetest backswing, and the way your eyes light up makes my heart sing.

I may not be Djokovic, but I am willing to make some grand gestures to win over your heart.

I’d love to be your mixed doubles partner – we’d make a great team on and off the court.

Short Tennis Puns

Why do tennis players always carry an extra pair of pants? In case they get a short caught in the net.

What do you call a tennis player with a cold? An ach-eww serve!

How does a tennis player beat the heat? By standing near the fans.

What do you call a lazy tennis player? A racket-and-file.

What’s a tennis player’s favorite kind of meat? Serve it up with some Andy Roast beef!

Why are tennis balls so smart? They have a lot of court experience.

What do you call a tennis player who keeps choking on the court? A basket case.

What do you call a tennis player who always needs a shower? A sweathog.

Why do tennis players make the best chefs? They know how to chop the ball.

How do tennis players clean their courts? With a lawn duster!

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