35 Artichoke Jokes

For those looking to eat healthier, one vegetable that will help you achieve this is the artichoke. The care and maintenance of an artichoke can be tedious; but once you harvest and taste the final product, it’s totally worth it.

Artichoke is the Best word to describe some individuals. If you are feeling bummed and having low energy then this 35 Artichoke jokest are going to be great for you and your friends as well.

Best Artichoke Jokes

Why did the artichoke break up with the carrot? Because it heard they were too “rooted” in their relationship.

What do you call an artichoke that can do magic tricks? A cardichoke

How does an artichoke party? It dips and dives

Why did the artichoke go to the gym? It wanted to get a little “heart-ichoke” exercise

What’s an artichoke’s favorite kind of music? Beats by Dray-Choke.

How did the artichoke become an astronaut? It rocketed to stardom

What did the artichoke say to the celery at the dance party? Let’s dip and groove, stalk buddy

Why did the artichoke become a detective? It had a knack for getting to the heart of the matter!

What did one artichoke say to the other on Valentine’s Day? “You make my heart-ichoke, baby!”

How do artichokes communicate? They use their hearts-peakers

Why did the artichoke start a band? Because it wanted to become a rock-choke star

What’s an artichoke’s favorite game? “Heart and Seek”

How did the artichoke become so successful in business? It always kept its leaves on the prize

Why did the artichoke become a comedian? It had the sharpest sense of humor in the vegetable kingdom

What’s an artichoke’s favorite summer activity? Going for a dip in a cool art-i-choke pool

Why did the artichoke always win at poker? It never revealed its “heart” cards

How did the artichoke win the talent show? It gave a “heart-felt” performance

Why did the artichoke ask the tomato out on a date? Because it found the tomato quite ap-peeling

How does an artichoke greet its friends at parties? With an “Arti-hi-choke”

What did the artichoke say when it won the lottery? I’m going to have a heart-felt celebration

Artichoke Puns

Artichoke Jokes

I’m having a “heart-to-heart” with my artichoke.

You’re the arti-CHOKE to my heart

My love for you is like an art-ichoke: prickly on the outside, but sweet on the inside

Why did the artichoke invite the octopus over to dinner? To get a good arti-chokehold on the situation

Artichokes are no joke – they really know how to “heart” a person

When it comes to healthy eating, I always aim to arti-CHOKE on vegetables

What did the artichoke say when it was accused of stealing? “I’m not a choker, I’m an arti-stealer”

I find it easy to arti-CHOKE my feelings when I’m looking for a healthy outlet.

The key to eating an artichoke is to just heart-ily dig in

What do you call an artichoke with a sense of humor? A funny-choke

I never knew I was an artichoke expert, but it’s really growing on me

The artichoke may be a hard nut to crack, but it’s worth the heart-filled effort

Why did the artichoke break up with its significant other? Because it was tired of being burnt at the heart

My friend always says I have a heart of arti-CHOKE because I’m always looking to improve my health

Artichokes: Not only are they tasty, but they’re also a great way to choke up your nutrition game.

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