35 Asparagus Puns

Introducing 35+ funny asparagus puns and jokes for you to enjoy. They say that asparagus makes your pee smell funny, but I’m sure this article will make you laugh as hard as a boiled vegetable. Enjoy

Asparagus Puns

“Don’t be a stalk-er, but these asparagus puns are tops!”

What did the asparagus say to the mushroom? You’re a fungi!”

I’m all ears of corn, but asparagus really spears to me.

“Having a rough day? Just remember, asparagus make everything dill-icious!”

“Talk about a tough crowd, these asparagus puns are really stalked in!”

Why did the asparagus break up with the broccoli? It found someone more spears-ial!”

Asparagus and puns go hand in ‘stalk’ – they’re both ‘a-spear’-ational!

“Stay ‘spear’ific! Life is too short for bad asparagus puns!”

“Do you want to hear a cheesy asparagus pun? Nah, it’s a bit too ‘gouda’ be true!”

“Feeling down? Asparagus puns will ‘pick’ you right up!”

“Asparagus farmers have great ‘stalk’ing skills!”

“I’m not ‘squashing’ your creativity, but these asparagus puns are ‘stalk’ing awesome!”

“Wanna know the secret to a good vegetable pun? Just don’t ‘beet’ around the bush – go for asparagus!”

“What do you call a funny asparagus? A ‘laughing stalk’!”

“Why did the asparagus win the race? It had a ‘stalk-ing’ advantage!”

“Asparagus: the ultimate ‘stalk’ stars of the vegetable world!”

“Why did the asparagus go to the party? To have a ‘spears-tacular’ time!”

What’s an asparagus’s favorite type of music? ‘Spear’-itual tunes, of course!”

Asparagus may be green, but these puns are ‘ripe’ for enjoyment!

“Feeling asparagus-ted? These puns will surely ‘pick’ you right up!”

Asparagus Jokes

Asparagus Jokes

How do you know if asparagus is having a good day? It’s all smiles and spears!

Why did the asparagus go to the doctor? Because it was feeling a little “stalky.”

What do asparagus and a submarine have in common? They both submerge in water!

Which vegetable always knows when to keep quiet? Asparagus – it’s always “spear-carrot-ical”!

Why did the asparagus get a ticket? Because it was “stalking” a pedestrian zone!

What do you call an asparagus who’s afraid of heights? Acrophspearic!

Did you hear about the asparagus who was late to work? It was stuck in a “traffic juniper”!

Why do asparagus and lettuce make such great partners? Because they’re lettuce and aspara-“best”ies!

What do you call an asparagus who keeps stealing things? A veggie-“lante”!

Why don’t asparagus and onions get along? They keep having a “stinky stalk” war!

Did you hear about the asparagus who got ghosted by its date? It knew it was a “stalk”er, but it couldn’t help it!

What do asparagus and snowmen have in common? They both get a little “yellow snow” in the winter time!

Why was the asparagus always the center of attention? Because it had a real “spear-it” about itself!

Why do asparagus and broccoli hate going to fancy restaurants? They’re always getting “cross stalked!

What did one asparagus say to the other when they were lost at sea? “We’re in a pretty spear-y situation now.”

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