100 Batman Jokes

In the shadowy metropolis of Gotham, where the moon seems to play hide-and-seek with the clouds, a masked hero emerges. Donning a bat-inspired suit, he’s here to save the day with wit as sharp as his batarangs. Get ready for some bat-tastic fun with the one and only Batman.

Hold on to your utility belts, because in this bat-tastic compilation, you’re in for a fighting, pun-slinging extravaganza as we unleash 100 hilarious Batman puns that’ll leave you laughing harder than the Joker.

Batman Puns

Why did Batman become a chef? Because he wanted to whip up some justice in the kitchen.

What kind of car does Batman drive on his day off? The Batvan.”

“Why did Batman go to school? To improve his ‘dark’ knight skills.”

“What do you call it when Batman skips church? Christian Bale.”

“Why did Batman start a gardening business? Because he wanted to grow crime-free neighborhoods.”

“Bruce Wayne’s favorite mode of transportation? The Batcycle, of course.”

“What’s Batman’s favorite fruit? The ‘bat’ermelon.”

“How does Batman exercise? He does ‘bat’ercise.”

“Why did Batman always carry a map? Because he didn’t trust the ‘Gotham’ technology.”

Why did Batman become an artist? He wanted to draw ‘bat’terfly effects.”

What’s Batman’s favorite type of music? Hip ‘bat‘ and rap.

“What did Batman say when Robin couldn’t find the Batmobile? “Just look for the ‘bat’ signal.”

“Why did Batman go to therapy? He had trouble ‘bat’tling his inner demons.”

“What did Batman say when he saw a villain with a cold? “Looks like you’ve caught the ‘bat’ flu.”

Why did Batman always carry an umbrella? For ‘bat’tling the rain in Gotham City.

“What’s Batman’s favorite dessert? Dark ‘bat’ chocolate cake.

Why did Batman become a doctor? He wanted to deliver ‘bat’abies.”

What do you call it when Batman takes a nap? A ‘bat’tery recharge.”

“Why did Batman avoid gossiping? He didn’t want to spread ‘bat’ words.”

What do you call Batman’s flying mouse sidekick? ‘Bat’man Beyond.”

Why did Batman go to the beach? To catch some ‘bat’ter waves.”

“What’s Batman’s favorite type of exercise equipment? The ‘bat’treadmill.”

“Why did Batman bring a ladder to the mall? Because he wanted to explore the ‘bat’H&M.”

“What do you call the evidence Batman leaves behind at a crime scene? ‘Bat’ter clues.”

“Why did Batman always carry a griddle? He liked to make ‘bat’cakes for breakfast.

“What does Batman say when he starts a race? “Ready, ‘bat’set, go.”

Why did Batman join a gym? He wanted to ‘bat’tle gravity and stay in shape.”

What’s Batman’s favorite social media platform? ‘Bat’ter.”

Why did Batman become a math teacher? He wanted to ‘bat’tle algebraic equations.”

“What do you call it when Batman takes a stroll in the evening? A ‘bat’ walk!”

Best Batman Jokes

Batman: “I have all these gadgets, but still no signal on my cell phone. I guess I need a ‘Bat’tery upgrade.”

Why did Batman bring a ladder to the comic book store? Because he wanted to ‘climb’ the best-seller list.

Batman: “Why did Robin take an umbrella to the party?” Joker: “I don’t know, why?”

Batman: “Because he heard it was going to be a ‘bat’ time.”

What does Batman put in his beverages? Just ‘Bat’ter and sugar.

Why did Batman become an architect? Because he wanted to design ‘bat’tastic buildings.

Batman’s favorite Olympic sport? ‘Bat’minton.

Why did Batman start a gardening club? Because he likes to ‘bat’tle weeds and bring justice to every corner of the garden.

What did Batman say to Robin when they got in the Batmobile? “Fasten your ‘bat’tle belts.”

Why did Batman enjoy going to the circus? Because he loved seeing ‘bat’tling acrobats.

Robin: “Why did the computer catch Batman’s attention?” Batman: “I don’t know, Robin.

Why?” Robin: “Because it had a ‘bat’tery problem.”

What did Batman say to Robin when they got lost in a maze? “Don’t worry, Robin. There’s always a ‘bat’ out of this.”

Why did Batman visit the ice cream shop? Because he heard they had ‘bat’spberry ripple flavor.

What did Batman say when a villain threw a boomerang at him? “I guess it’s time to ‘bat’tle the return policy.”

Why did Batman become a stand-up comedian? Because he loved cracking ‘bat’tastic jokes and seeing people smile.

Robin: “Why did Batman have his ears insured?” Batman: “I don’t know, why?” Robin: “Because they’re his most ‘bat’tling feature.

What did Batman say when he couldn’t find his cape? “I’m feeling a bit ‘bat’tless without it.”

Why did Batman visit the bakery? He wanted to ‘bat’ter his enemies with fresh baguettes.

What’s Batman’s favorite subject in school? ‘Bat’trics.

Robin: “Why did Batman carry a dictionary?” Batman: “I don’t know, Robin. Why?” Robin: “In case he needed to ‘bat’tle words.”

Why did Batman go to the ocean? To practice ‘bat’surfing.

What did Batman say to the police officer who gave him a ticket? “Thanks for the ‘bat’tery charge.”

Why did Batman go to the comedy club? Because he always wanted to ‘bat’tle punchlines and make people laugh.

Robin: “Batman, why did you bring a fishing rod?” Batman: “In case I need to ‘bat’tle the ‘cat’ch of the day.”

What did Batman say to the barber? “I’ll have a ‘bat’ cut, please.”

Why did Batman want to become a lawyer? He wanted to ‘bat’tle injustice in the courtroom.

Robin: “Why is Batman always prepared for winter?” Batman: “Because he likes putting the ‘bat’tery in hibernation mode.

What did Batman say to Joker at the costume party? “Hey, Joker! Let’s have a ‘bat’tle of the best disguise.”

Why did Batman always carry a map? To navigate through the ‘bat’ters of Gotham City.

What did Batman say after a long day of fighting crime? “I need a ‘bat’th to relax and unwind.”

Why did Batman become a magician? Because he loved performing ‘bat’tastic disappearing acts.

Batman Pick-Up Lines

Batman Pick-Up Lines

Is your name Catwoman? Because you’ve got me purring like a kitten.

Are you a villain? Because you’ve got me feeling like I’m in danger around you.

Holy Batman, can I be your Robin tonight?

Hi, my name is Batman, but you can call me tonight.

Are you the Joker? Because you stole my heart away.

Excuse me miss, have you seen my Batmobile? I can’t leave without it.

Robin needs his Batman, but tonight, I need you.

Are you wearing Kryptonite? Because you just weakened my knees.

I may not be a villain, but you’re making me feel like the dark side is impossible to resist.

Need a hero? Look no further, because I’m Batman.

Are you a diamond in the rough or just a Bat-Signal in disguise?

Excuse me miss, do you have a grappling hook? Because I’m falling for you.

I could Joker around all day trying to impress you, or we could go out and have some fun.

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Or are you Selina Kyle, falling for Batman?

Are we in the Batcave? Because I think I just found my new hideout.

You don’t need a Bat-Signal, just say my name and I’ll come running.

Do you believe in love at first Bat-sight or do I need to walk by again?

Are you a hero like me or a villain looking for redemption? Either way, we make an impressive team.

Hey there, Batgirl! I’d love to take you out on a romantic star-gazing Bat-date.

I’m no Riddler, but can I ask you a Bat-question – will you go out with me?

Batman One-liners

Why did Batman cross the road? To get to the Batcave.

Why did Batman refuse to fight Superman? Because he didn’t want to be a Justice League dropout.

Batman doesn’t do push-ups. He pushes the world down.

How do you know if Batman is vegan? Don’t worry, he’ll tell you.

Batman doesn’t wear a watch, he decides what time it is.

What do you call a bat that loves classical music? A Bach-man.

Why did Batman go to the bank? To get his bat credit score.

What do you call Batman in a restaurant? The Dark Night Nibbler.

Why did Batman enter the race? To Bat-lle for first place.

Why does Batman only go out at night? He can’t hide in plain Bat-sight in the day.

What do you call Batman when he skips church? Christian Bale.

How does Batman keep his underwear clean? He’s got Alfred the laundry-man.

Why did Batman become a chemist? He wanted to learn how to make Bat-teries.

Batman doesn’t cut his hair, he uses his Bat-sword to slice split ends.

Why does Batman avoid fast food? Because he’s already got Bat-wings.

What does Batman do when he’s not fighting crime? He’s Bat-resting.

What did Alfred say when Batman asked what he should wear to a fancy gala? “Your Bat-tuxedo, of course.”

Why did Batman start an airline? He wanted to Bat-fly people around the world.

What does Batman say when he’s in a bar? “I’ll have a Bat-water, please. No ice, it’s too slippery.

Why did Batman become a conductor? He wanted to Bat-terize the music industry with his batons.

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