120 Bee Puns

Bees are the buzzing workaholics and the ultimate overachievers of the insect world. They’re like tiny, striped superheroes with a mission to pollinate and produce honey faster than a speeding bullet.

Here is a list of 120 bee puns that you can use when you’re feeling punny (or buzzy… or a simple beeyotch)

Best Bee Jokes

What do you call a bee that can’t make up its mind? A maybee.

What do you get when you cross a bee and a sheep? A woolly buzzer.

How do bees brush their hair? With honeycombs.

Why did the honey bee feel embarrassed? It saw the queen bee-yond.

What kind of bee can’t make up its mind? A humming maybee.

What do you call a bee that lives in the United States? USB.

What do you call a bee who is having a bad hair day? Frisbee.

Why do bees always have sticky hair? Because they use honeycombs.

What did the bee say to its friend after a long day at work? It’s beeing a long day.

How do you know that a bee is in a bad mood? It keeps buzzing around you and complaining.

What do you call a bee that is never wrong? A bee-liever.

Why did the bee flag down a passing fly? Because it wanted to give it a buzz.

What do you get out of a bee that can sing? A humdinger.

Why did the bee laugh at its own joke? It thought it was unpasteurized humor.

How do you spell “honeymoon”? B-E-E.

What do bees use to cut their hair? Honey-Scissors!

What do you call an angry bee? A buzzkill.

What is it called when a bee gets married? A honey wedding.

What do you get when you cross a bee and a zebra? An animal who loves honey but can’t decide what pattern to wear.

Why did the bee go to the barbershop? It needed a buzz cut.

What do you call a bee that’s not feeling well? A little bee-g dizzy.

How does a bee order its coffee? With a lot of buzz.

What do you call a bear who loves honey but sings like a bee? Pooh Buzzer.

What do bees say at the end of a party? “Hive a good night!”

How do bees communicate with each other? They use bee mail.

What do you call a bee that’s just moved into a new hive? A newbie.

What kind of music do bees listen to? Bee-bop.

What do you call a bee that can’t stop talking? A buzzzzzzz-y bee.

What is the name of the smartest bee? Einstein.

Why did the bee take a job as a barista? It wanted to learn how to make honey lattes.

Bee Puns

Did you hear about the bee that always says “Honey, I’m combing home!”?

Bees are such hardworking insects because they bee-lieve in getting things done.

What did the bee say to the flower? “You are bee-autiful!”

Bees have the key to success because they know how to be-pollen themselves.

Why did the bee artist become famous? She had a stinger for creating bee-utiful art.

Do you know why bees are always buzzing? They can’t help but spread the buzz.

Bees have a great sense of humor, they always find things un-bee-lievably amusing.

What’s a bee’s favorite card game? Bee-ridge.

Bees are excellent spellers because they always think, “Let’s bee-curious.”

Why did the bee get a time-out? It couldn’t beehave.

Be careful when you tell a joke to a bee, they might start hum-buzzing it.

Bees like to watch the latest buzz shows on Bee-TV.

Why did the bee go to the dance party? It wanted to do the honey-comb boogie.

Bees are excellent dancers because they know all the bee-steps.

What do you call a bee that can’t make up its mind? Bee-ding indecisive.

Did you hear about the bee who went to the casino? She kept her winnings in the honey pot.

Why do bees have sticky hair? Because they use honeycombs.

Bees know how to create a buzzworthy fashion trend with their yellow and black stripes.

What’s a bee’s favorite movie? Pollen Fiction.

Beekeepers have an excellent sense of humor because they find everything quite buzz-tastic.

Why did the bee go to school? To learn the ABCs (Apiology, Bee-ology, and Colony structure).

Bees always make a bee-line for the best flowers in the garden.

What did the bee say to the doubter? “Bee-lieve me, I can do pollen-tiful things!”

Bees love to bee-have well, especially when they’re queen-beehaving.

What type of music do bees listen to? Bee-thoven’s symbeeonies.

Bees love to throw parties, they always make it bee-licious.

Did you hear about the bee that won the spelling bee contest? It was unbeelievable.

Bees always know how to have a buzzing good time with their bee-ffriends.

Why did the bee carry a pencil and a notepad? It wanted to jot down its honey-making ideas.

Bees are master architects, they know how to build bee-utifully structured hives.

Bee Pick-Up Lines

Bee Pick-Up Lines

Are you a beekeeper? Because you’ve got me buzzing with excitement.

Excuse me, but I think you’re the bee’s knees.

If you were a bee, you’d be the honey to my beekeeper.

Are you a queen bee? Because you rule my heart.

Can I take you out for a honey-dipped date?

You must be a bee, because I’m pollen for your love.

Is your name Honey? Because you’re so sweet, it’s un-bee-lievable.

Do you believe in love at first sting?

Are we in a beehive? Because I’m getting lost in your eyes.

Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your bee-utiful smile.

Is your name Buzz? Because you make my heart soar like a bee in flight.

Are you a flower? Because you sure make my pollen count rise.

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I closer to “bee.”

Are you a bee? Because you’re the missing buzz in my life.

Can I bee your honey and make your heart buzz with happiness?

Is it getting hot in here or is it just the chemistry between us?

Do you believe in destiny? Because I think we were meant to be(e).

Can I bee the reason you smile today?

Are you a bee? Because you’ve got me pollen for you.

Do you have a stinger? Because you just gave me a love buzz.

Are you a drone bee? Because I’m completely drawn to you.

If you were a flower, I’d buzz around you all day long.

Do you have a favorite flower? Because I’d love to be the bee that pollinates it.

Is your name Nectar? Because you’re as sweet as can bee.

If you were a bee, you’d be the queen of my heart.

Are you a beehive? Because I’d love to be the bee that comes home to you every day.

Can I bee the one to make all your dreams come true?

Are you a beekeeper? Because you know how to handle all the buzz.

If I were a bee, I’d never sting you because you’re too amazing to hurt.

Can I bee the honey to your tea?

Bee One-Liners

I’m not afraid of bees, but I don’t want to stick around for a long buzz-iness meeting.

Did you hear about the bee who was a terrible singer? It couldn’t find its buzz.

I asked the beekeeper if he had any spare bees. He said, “Sorry, they’re always buzzing with activity.”

Why did the bee go to the spelling bee? It wanted to show off its incredible bee-ttention to detail.

Bees have the best secrets; they’re always buzzing about the latest buzz-worthy news.

Bees are nature’s little comedians; they always know how to get the hive roaring with laughter.

Don’t worry, bee happy! Life is too short to get buzzed over the small stuff.

Did you hear about the bee who won a medal in the Olympics? It was unbeelievable.

Bees are master architects; they know how to build the perfect honeycomb suite.

Why did the bee get extra credit in math class? It aced all the bee-ginner algebra problems.

Bees know how to make a great first impression. They always arrive with a buzz.

The bee couldn’t resist the flowers; it said, “I’m drawn to them like a bee to pollen.”

What did the bee say to the flower? “You bring color to my world, bee-lieve it or not.”

Bees love to dance; they’re always buzzing around the hive showing off their bee-st moves.

Did you hear about the bee that took up meditation? It wanted to find its inner buzz.

Bees are the ultimate food critics; they’re always searching for the sweetest nectar.

If a bee had a favorite band, it would probably be The Pollen Stones.

Bees are fantastic navigators. They always know how to find their way home with a bee-line.

What type of bee can’t make up its mind? The un-bee-decisive bee.

Did you hear the news? Bees are creating quite the buzz in the fashion industry with honeycomb patterns.

Bees have a great work ethic; they know how to bee productive.

I tried to teach a bee to read, but it just couldn’t bee-come a bookworm.

Bees are excellent budgeters; they know how to save up honey for the rainy days.

Why did the bee get tired of social media? It realized it was just too much hive mind.

Bees are always up for an adventure; they love exploring new blooming territories.

I asked the bee if it wanted a cup of tea, and it replied, “Only if it’s honey-ssentially delicious!

Bees are great listeners; they’re always bee-ing there when you need to talk.

What’s a bee’s favorite dating app? BeeSwipe.

Bees have the best fashion sense; they’re the true kings and queens of the honeycomb runway.

The bee said to its friend, “Don’t worry, buzziness is just a state of mind.”

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