50 Blue Puns

Some may say that the color blue is a bit ‘way down’ on the color spectrum. In fact, if you ask me, this particular pun is waaaaay out there (if you’ll pardon the pun).

But the thing about blue humor is that it’s rather ‘cool’, no matter how way out it is. So without any further ado – here are fifty cool blue puns to keep you ‘chilled out’.

Blue Puns

Feeling blue? Just remember, laughter is the best hue-medicine.

Life is never gloom-y with a little bit of blue-sic.

I’m feeling quite blue-tiful today, thank you very much.

Don’t be sad – just put on your blue-tiful smile and brighten up the day.

Blue whales are the biggest fans of the ocean, they really know how to make a big splash.

A blue jay once told me a joke – I couldn’t stop laughing, it was truly the funniest bird pun-chline.

I painted my room in different shades of blue, now it’s a real work of “art-chitecture.

Did you hear about the blueberry who won the baking competition? It was a real berry-talented pastry chef.

I bought a new pair of jeans, but they made me feel sad. Turns out, they were feeling a bit blue too.

The blueberries were feeling a little down in the dumps, so they formed a berry support group.

I tried to catch the fog, but I mist. And then it turned blue.

Blue is such a cool color, it’s absolutely “brrrrr-illiant”.

It’s amazing how the sky can instantly put a smile on your face with its blue-tiful hue.

I met a bluegrass musician who played the saddest tunes. He really knew how to pluck at your heartstrings.

Did you hear about the painter who only works with the color blue? He’s known as the true “Picass-blue” of our time.

Blueberry Puns

Why did the blueberry break up with the raspberry? Because the raspberry was always in a jam.

I’m not feeling so grape today, but I’m definitely blueberrying through it.

It’s hard for a blueberry to keep a secret. They tend to spill the berries.

Why did the blueberry turn red? Because it saw the raspberry dressing.

Blueberries love to sing in harmony – they make a very “berry-lled” choir.

What do you call a blueberry that’s really into fitness? A smoothie operator.

What do you call a blueberry with a PhD? A berry-educated fruit.

Why was the blueberry so happy? Because it was well-berry-ed and taken care of.

What did the blueberry say when it saw its reflection in the mirror? “Oh my, this is berry embarrassing.”

I heard some music coming from the blueberry field. It was probably just the produce singing the blues.

Why don’t blueberries ever argue? Because they’re always on the same berry-page.

How do blueberries eat when they’re on a diet? They just have a little berry bite.

Blueberries are legends at the gym. They’re always working on their core berry-strength.

Why do blueberries make good detectives? Because they always have a clue-berry.

Blueberries are the hardest fruit to shop for. They’re always hiding in the berry back of the store.

Blue Jokes

Blue Jokes

Caption: Why did the comedian go on a tour of the ocean?
Joke: Because they heard the ocean was full of blue jokes.

Caption: What does a smurf comedian always carry on stage?
Joke: A blue joke book for guaranteed laughs.

Caption: Why was the blue joke like a sad clown?
Joke: Because it couldn’t stop feeling blue.

Caption: Why did the blue joke take up painting?
Joke: It wanted to explore a different shade of humor.

Caption: Why did the blue joke get mistaken for a sad story?
Joke: Because it was a tear-rific punchline.

Caption: What do you call a group of blue jokes in a band?
Joke: The blue-sicians of laughter.

Caption: What’s a blue joke’s favorite type of music?
Joke: The blues, of course.

Caption: Why did the blue joke end up in the ocean?
Joke: It wanted to dive deep into comedy.

Caption: How do blue jokes like to start their performances?
Joke: With a punch-line dance.

Caption: Why don’t blue jokes like crowded places?
Joke: They prefer a more colorfully intimate setting.

Caption: What’s a blue joke’s favorite day of the week?
Joke: Wets-day, of course.

Caption: How did the blue joke feel after a successful show?
Joke: On cloud nine and bluer than ever.

Caption: Why did the blue joke cross the road?
Joke: To spread laughter to the other side.

Caption: What’s a blue joke’s favorite fruit?
Joke: Blueberries, they’re the punch-line of berries.

Caption: What did the blue joke say to the audience?
Joke: “Prepare to be tickled blue with laughter.”

Caption: Why did the blue joke take a vacation?
Joke: It needed some time off to find inspiration in the wave.

Caption: How do blue jokes like to be delivered?
Joke: With a splash of humor and a touch of sadness.

Caption: What do you get when you cross a blue joke with a pun?
Joke: A blun intended.

Caption: Why did the blue joke become a sailor?
Joke: To explore the depths of comedic ocean and reach new horizons.

Caption: What did one blue joke say to the other?
Joke: “Let’s paint this town blue.”

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