50 Boxing Puns

It’s time to lace up the gloves and throw out the first jab! Here is a list of 50 boxing puns that are sure to knock your socks off. (I had no idea where else to put this. Hope you like it.)

Best Boxing Puns

I don’t always watch boxing, but when I do, I prefer to see a knockout.

Why did the boxer break up with his girlfriend? She was seeing someone else on the side.

How can you tell if a boxing gym is haunted? You hear a jab in the middle of the night.

What do boxers wear on their ears? Bluetooth.

What do you call a boxer who always wears a turtleneck? A boxing turtle!

Why can’t boxers ever miss a meal? They always have to keep their punchlines sharp.

Why did the boxer go on a diet? He wanted to punch his weight.

Why isn’t it a good idea to fight a boxer after eating ice cream? You’ll get a brain-freeze!

Why are boxers, such good lovers? They’re always in great shape and know how to go the distance.

How do boxers keep their hair out of their eyes during a fight? They use punch clips.

Did you hear about the boxer who hit his opponent so hard, they needed to change his name? From Joe to Jill.

Why was the boxer unhappy with his paycheck? He threw in the towel.

Why do boxers always keep their gloves together? They’re a tight-knit group.

What did the dad say to his son before his first boxing match? Remember to always keep your dukes up.

Why did the boxer take up knitting? To improve his left hook!

Boxing Jokes

I tried to hit the punching bag at my boxing gym, but it hit me back.

Why did the boxer visit the bank? He wanted to check his balance.

Why did the boxer wear two pairs of glasses? One for reading the menu and one for left hooks!

I don’t always watch boxing, but when I do, I root for the underdog.

Why did the boxer decide to join the navy? He heard they had good left hooks.

Why did the boxer quit his job at the orange juice factory? He couldn’t concentrate.

Did you hear about the boxer who never lost a fight? He was a heavyweight!

How do boxers keep their breath fresh during a fight? They use uppercuts.

Boxing Puns

Why did the boxer refuse to fight a kangaroo? He was afraid of getting punched down under.

What did the boxer say when he was asked if he could take a punch? “Sure, as long as I get to punch back.”

Why did the boxer get into a fight with his shadow? Because it kept dodging his punches!

Why do boxers make great mechanics? They’re always down for a little bodywork.

How do boxers stay in shape during the off-season? They shadowbox.

Why did the boxer refuse to fight a lion? He didn’t want to be part of a main event.

Why did the boxer go to the doctor? He kept having sparring headaches.

Boxing Pick-Up Lines

Are you a punching bag? Because whenever I see you, I just want to take a swing.

Is your name Jab-alicious? Because you’ve got knockout written all over you.

Call me Muhammad Ali, because I’m floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee for you.

Did it hurt when you fell from the ring? Because you’re a knockout.

Can I be your sparring partner? We’ll make a winning combination.

Are you a punching bag? Because I can’t help but take a swing at you… with my love.

Let’s bob and weave through life together, baby. We’re the perfect match.

I must be a boxer because I’m always prepared to fight for your heart.

Are you a speed bag? Because my heart’s beating faster every time I see you.

Promise I won’t throw in the towel when it comes to loving you.

Are you a referee? Because you’ve blown the whistle on my heart.

You must be a knockout artist, because you just floored me with your beauty.

Let me be your cornerman, and I’ll always be in your corner.

Are you a ring card girl? Because every time I see you, it’s a 10 out of 10.

You’ve got a mean left hook right to my heart. Can I be knocked out by your charms?

I don’t need a title belt to know you’re the champion of my heart.

Can I be your boxing glove? So I can protect you and be held close to you.

I must have entered the wrong ring, because it feels like I’m in the presence of an angel.

Let’s be like a boxing match, baby – intense, passionate, and unforgettable.

Are you a one-two combination? Because you’ve got me hooked from the first punch.

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