80 Corn Puns

Corn is a great source of fiber, antioxidants, and B vitamins. Corn (Zea Mays) is also the most widely-produced cereal grain in the world. There are many varieties of corn, grown for different purposes as well as to be eaten different ways.

Maize, or corn (Zea mays), is a widely consumed cereal grain. It originates from Central America but is cultivated in diverse forms globally within the grass family.

Corn offers numerous benefits, including enhancing eye and digestive health.

The corn pun is one of my favorite puns, and for good reason. Corn can be used to make so many puns that it’ll make your ear-hole blush (it rhymes). But enough talk — it’s time we got to the corn of the matter.

Hilarious Corn Puns

Corn puns are the golden nuggets of humor that add a touch of laughter to conversations. Just as corn kernels fill a cob, these puns fill your interactions with a hearty dose of amusement. From plays on words involving “corny” humor to witty takes on corn’s role in various contexts, these puns are bound to elicit chuckles

What do you call a corn that goes on a shopping spree? Kernels on wheels.

I can never trust corn, they’re always ear-responsible.

Did you hear about the corn who won an award? It was a-maize-ing.

How does a corn express affection? With a corny hug.

Why did the corn go to college? To become an ear-chitect.

What do you call corn with a great sense of rhythm? A pop musician.

When corn gets a promotion, it becomes a kernel in the corporate world.

What did the corn say when it made a mistake? “Oops, I really husked that up.”

How do you make a corn laugh? Tell it a butter-and-corny joke.

Why did the corn go to therapy? It had a husk of emotional baggage.

What do you get when you cross corn with a werewolf? A creature that goes ‘CORNf, CORNf!’ at the full moon.

Did you hear about the corn that was a magician? It could perfectly corn-trol its disappearing act.

How does Corn feel about scary movies? It gets pop-corn-fused and afraid at the same time.

Why did the corn join a band? Because it had great a-maize-ing rhythm and kern-atic vocals.

What’s a corn’s favorite type of exercise? Stalk-ing.

Corn Jokes

From puns about ears of corn to humorous takes on corn’s versatility, these jokes are here to bring joy. Whether you’re sharing a laugh with friends or lightening the mood with a witty remark, “Corn Jokes” are your go-to for cultivating smiles and sharing a good time.

Why was the corn afraid of telling jokes? Because it was afraid of being roasted.

What do you call a joke that’s made of corn? A maize-ing joke.

Did you hear the one about the corn who kept making jokes about itself? It was quite a humorous-kernel.

Why did the scarecrow win the award for best comedian? Because he knew a lot of corny jokes.

How many corn husks does it take to tell a joke? None, because corn husks can’t talk.

Why did the corn rob the bank? Because it wanted to get its kernals.

Did you hear about the corn farmer who became a stand-up comedian? He really ear-ned his applause.

Why did the corn go to the doctor? Because it was feeling a bit husk-y.

What do you get when you cross a comedian with a corn field? A lot of corny jokes that can really stalk you.

How do you know when a corn joke is funny? When it really pops.

Why did the corn insist on telling jokes at the wedding? Because it wanted to raise the bride’s maiz-esteem.

What do you call a group of roasted corn telling jokes? A pop-corn.

Why was the corn scared of telling a joke about the sun? Because it didn’t want to be burned.

Why was the corn banned from telling jokes at the farm? Because it kept corn-fusing all the animals.

How do you make a corn laugh? Tell it a joke that’s a-maize-ingly funny.

Corn One Liners

“I’m all ears for some corny jokes.”

“Why did the corn stalk get an award? It was outstanding in its field.”

“What do you call a talking corn cob? A kernel of wisdom.”

“Did you hear about the corn that joined a band? It became the pop sensation of the field.

I told my computer I needed more storage. Now it’s full of corn chips.”

“Why did the corn go to the party? Because it heard it was a-maize-ing.”

“What’s a scarecrow’s favorite fruit? Straw-berries and corn.”

“I can’t get enough of corny puns; they’re a-maize-ing.”

Why did the corn file a police report? It was stalked.”

“What’s corn’s favorite game? Kernel Pursuit.”

“The corn was feeling nervous. It had butterflies in its stomach.”

“Did you hear about the corn who won the lottery? It became a millionaire overnight.”

“Why don’t corn play hide and seek? They’re always getting caught behind stalks.”

“What’s a corn’s favorite dance? The husky shuffle.”

“How do corn feel after a workout? Husky, but proud.”

Corn Pop Jokes

Corn One Liners

What did the corn pop say to the butter? “You’re so slick and buttery, we should stick together.”

Why did the corn pops go to school? They wanted to learn how to “pop” quiz.

How do you describe a group of corn pops having a party? A kernelicious celebration.

What’s a corn pop’s favorite dance move? The pop and lock.

How do you catch a mischievous corn pop? Use a pop-up surprise.

What do you get when you mix corn pops with rock and roll? A pop concert like no other.

Why did the corn pop take up boxing? It wanted to pop out and make a statement.

How did the corn pop win the race? It was at the popping speed.

What do you call a corn pop who loves science? A popcornologist.

How do corn pops greet each other? They say, “What’s popping, my kernel?”

Why did the corn pop go to the gym? It wanted to get popping fit.

What kind of music do corn pops listen to? Pop and hip-hop.

What did the corn pop say to the bowl? “Fill me up and let’s pop the party.”

Why did the corn pop wear sunglasses? It wanted to be pop star cool.

How did the corn pop make friends with the soda fizz? They both loved to pop in their own way.

Short Corn Puns

“Short Corn Puns” are the perfect recipe for laughter that’s easy to share and enjoy. puns are clever quips that capture the essence of laughter in their concise form. Just as corn grows in tight rows, these puns pack a punch in a small space. With wordplay that revolves around the term “corn” and its associations, these puns offer a quick and witty way to bring smiles to any conversation.

What does one corn say to the other corn when they pass by? Stalk to you later.

Why did the corn go to space? To find the corn-stellation.

How do you fix a broken corn cob? A-maize it with tape.

Why did the corn farmer quit his job? He couldn’t kernel it anymore.

What did the corn say when it got complimented? Aww, shucks.

What’s a corn’s favorite instrument? The corn-et.

Why did the corn get grounded? It was popping off with attitude.

What did the one corn kernel say to the other? You’re so corny.

Why did the corn stalk get a speeding ticket? It was driving in the ear-passing lane.

What do corn cobs use to make coffee? A perk-ulator.

Why did the scarecrow win an award? It was out-standing in its field.

How does corn celebrate its birthday? With a corn-ucopia of treats.

Why did the corn hide from the sun? It was afraid of getting ear-burned.

What do you call a fly that lands on a corn cob? A cob-web.

How does corn get in shape? By doing kernel exercises.

Why did the corn go to the dentist? It had a kernel of a toothache.

What did the corn cobb say to the butter? “You make me melt inside.”

How does corn tell the time? With a kernel clock

What did the corn kernel say when it won the lottery? “I’m a-maize-d”

Why did the corn become a comedian? It had a lot of corny jokes to tell.


Are corn puns suitable for all ages?

Yes, corn puns can be enjoyed by people of all ages. They are generally light-hearted and family-friendly, making them suitable for kids, teenagers, and adults alike. Just be mindful of the audience and context to ensure appropriateness.

Can I use these corn puns for social media captions and posts?

Absolutely. You can add a touch of humor and creativity to your social media captions and posts whether you’re sharing a photo of a corn dish or just looking for a punny caption, these corn puns can entertain and engage your followers.

How can I incorporate corn puns into conversations or speeches?

Incorporating corn puns into conversations or speeches can be a fun way to lighten the mood and inject some humor. You can use them as icebreakers, segues between topics, or as clever wordplay during relevant discussions. Just remember to gauge the audience’s response and use them appropriately to ensure they enhance the conversation or speech.

Do you have any tips for coming up with my own corn puns?

Here are a few tips to help you come up with your own corn puns:

Embrace wordplay: Look for words related to corn, such as “kernel,” “maize,” “cob,” or “popcorn,” and think of other words or phrases that sound similar or have double meanings. This will allow you to create clever puns.

Explore corn-related themes: Consider different aspects of corn, such as its shape, color, growth process, or culinary uses, and brainstorm puns based on those themes.

Mix corn with other topics: Combine corn with unrelated subjects to create unexpected puns. For example, you could blend corn with technology, sports, or popular culture references.

Get inspired by idioms and expressions: Take common idioms or expressions and put a corny twist on them. For example, “A-maize-ing things come to those who husk-le” or “Don’t let the corn get in the way of progress.”

Practice and experiment: Don’t be afraid to play with words and experiment with different puns. Some may be funnier than others, so try them out with friends or family to see which ones get the best reactions.

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