50 Cricket Jokes

Cricket is a funny game. In recent times, it has been extended to become an all-encompassing festivity, with one celebration leading into another in the course of a day of play.

All this merriment just brings out the best in us, and one starts to notice side-splitting pointers at which such merriment can be indulged.

With all the memorable cricket names in the history of cricket, it was inevitable that some would make a name for themselves in the comedy world too.

Here are 50 Cricket themed jokes & puns that celebrate some of these illustrious cricketers from the past and present.

Hilarious Cricket Jokes

Why do crickets never attend school? Because they already know how to bat.

What do you call a cricket who can sing? A chirp-a-cappella.

Why did the cricket go to jail? Because it bowled a maiden over.

Why do crickets make poor comedians? Because their jokes always fall flat.

What is a cricket’s favorite part of a meal? The cricket-nut.

Why did the cricket always carry a pencil? To draw its crease lines.

What do you call a cricket that bowls really fast? A “quicket”.

Why did cricket bring a ladder to the game? Because it wanted to reach new heights.

What do you get if a cricket falls into a cup of tea? Cricket tea.

Why did the cricket team go to the bakery? Because they wanted to play with dough.

What did the cricket say to its teammate when it caught a catch? “That was absolutely fly-catching.”

Why was the cricket upset while playing poker? Because it always got called out on a leg-before-wicket.

What do crickets drive to their cricket matches? Grasshopper-ter.

Why did the cricket invite the snail to its cricket game? Because it wanted someone to slow the game down.

What did the cricket coach say to the batsman before he went to the crease? Don’t bug out! Just stay cool and hit it!”

Cricket Puns

Why did the cricket team hire a chef? Because they needed someone to bowl them some delicious “bats” and “bowl”-s.

What did the cricket team captain say to the bowler? “You are the “spin-king” of the game.”

Why was the cricket stadium always so hot? Because all the fans kept “catching fire” with their enthusiasm.

What do you call a cricket match with only babies playing? “Cricklet” – the cutest version of cricket.

Why did the cricket player bring a ladder to the match? Because he wanted to “climb up” the batting leaderboard.

How do cricket players stay cool during a match? They keep a “bowl” of ice cream handy.

Why did the cricket team carry bandages to the match? In case there were any “bat-tles” for the wicket.

Why did the cricket player keep hopping during the match? Because he wanted to “leap” toward victory.

What did the cricket fan say to the commentator? “I’m “stumped” by your amazing skills.”

Why did the cricket team visit the clockmaker? Because they wanted to “tick” their opponents off.

Why did the cricket ball start attending therapy? Because it had anxiety issues with “bowling” in front of a big crowd.

Why did the cricket player go to the library before the match? To check out some “bowling” books.

Why did the cricket team celebrate while driving? Because they hit a “driven” shot right out of the park.

What did one cricket ball say to the other? “I’m a “hit” with the ladies because I always make them go “Wow”.”

Why did the cricket field become friends with the soccer field? Because they shared a “love for goals”.

Cricket Pick-Up Lines

Cricket Jokes

Are you a spin bowler? Because you’ve definitely got me spinning with your beauty.

Is your name Wicket? Because you’ve stopped me in my tracks.

Are you a boundary? Because you’ve taken my breath away.

Can I be the stumps to your wicket and catch you every time you fall for me?

Are you a cricket bat? Because you make my heart go ‘thwack.

If you were a cricket ball, I’d be the fielder desperate to catch you in my arms.

Are you a cricket pitch? Because you’re definitely a perfect match for me.

Can I be your cover drive, so I can sweep you off your feet?

Is your name Yorker? Because you’ve bowled me over.

Are you a leg-spinner? Because you’ve got me googly-eyed.

Can I be your cricket commentator? Because everything you do leaves me speechless.

Is your name Helmet? Because I can’t help but want to protect you.

Are you a boundary rope? Because I feel like I’m caught in your sweet embrace.

If you were at a cricket match, I’d be the rain, just so I have an excuse to be close to you.

Are we in a cricket stadium? Because the chemistry between us is electrifying.

Can I be your nightwatchman? Because I’ll always be there to guard and protect you.

Is your name Yorker? Because you’ve delivered a perfect strike straight to my heart.

Are you a cricket umpire? Because you make my heart skip a beat every time I see you.

Can I be the ball, just so I can be in your hands and feel your gentle touch?

Is your name Boundary Line? Because with you, I always feel like I’m in safe territory.

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