60 Crossfit Jokes

Crossfit is defined as constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement performed at relatively high intensity. It’s a workout designed to improve fitness, which explains why it’s so effective and popular.

However this also means intense workouts and the occasional bad joke or two. Today we’ll be looking at some of the best Crossfit Jokes around.

Best Crossfit Jokes

Why did the CrossFitter bring a ladder to the gym? To reach the bar they’ve set too high.

How do CrossFitters keep track of their progress? They census their gains.

What’s a CrossFitter’s favorite type of cookie? Snatch-eroos.

Why did the CrossFitter always carry around a dictionary? They couldn’t stop talking about their PRs.

What did one CrossFitter say to the other during a workout? “Burpees? More like blerpees.”

How many CrossFitters does it take to change a lightbulb? Just one, but they’ll post about it on Instagram for weeks.

Why did the CrossFitter become a gardener? Because they love doing functional planters.

Why don’t CrossFitters ever tell secrets? Because they can’t keep anything internal.

Why do CrossFitters love math? Because they’re always counting their reps.

How do CrossFitters find their way out of a maze? They just do a WOD and climb over the walls.

What did the CrossFitter wear to the library? A muscle tee, so the gains could be seen.

Why did the CrossFitter bring a bucket to the gym? To catch everyone’s sweat, of course.

What’s a CrossFitter’s favorite dance move? The snatch-and-jerk.

How does a CrossFitter solve problems? With a Kettlebell curve.

Why do CrossFitters make great detectives? They’re always searching for clues in their macros.

Crossfit Puns

All of my workout clothes are actually my CrossFit clothes.

Does this box make me look fit?

I got into CrossFit to lose some waist, literally.

I’m always up for a game of “Wall Balls to the Wall.

How much do CrossFitters love their gear? They’d kettle-bell for it.

I can always count on CrossFit for my daily dose of burpee-ls of laughter.

Always trying to optimize my fitness goals, because every bit helps somebody.

My coach says I have a squatload of potential.

What do you call a CrossFitter who’s always late? A tardy thruster.

I love a good WODcumentary!

How do you motivate a CrossFitter? Tell them to stop snatching their workouts.

Why did the CrossFitter install a pull-up bar in their kitchen? So they could snack whenever they wanted to.

CrossFitters do burpees because deep down they know life is just one giant up-and-down and up-and-down ride.

CrossFit jumps really rope my heart!

You can lift it, swing it, carry it, sprint with it. Thanks, CrossFit for teaching me how to make weight better.

Crossfit Pick-Up Lines

I think I need to do a flexibility WOD, because I’m fallen for you and can’t get back up.

You must be a kettlebell, because I can’t stop swinging with you.

Are we doing thrusters together? Because every time I catch your gaze, my heart feels like it’s doing reps.

Are you a box? Because I’d love to jump all over you!

Do you have a rope climb technique to share? You seem like an expert in ascending to great heights.

The only thing missing in my front squat is you standing by my side.

Crossfit Pick-Up Lines

Are you doing a burpee? Because I’m getting down on one knee right now.

You must be a WOD timer, because every minute with you feels like an eternity.

If we were doing an AMRAP workout, there’s no doubt I’d choose you as my partner!

Are you doing a chipper? Because I’ve been chipping away at trying to talk to you all night.

You’re the perfect combination of intensity and grace, just like a clean and jerk.

You must be a double under, because my heart is skipping a beat for you.

Are you wearing Reebok Nanos? Because you have zero drop dead gorgeousness.

You seem like you know your way around a rowing machine. Want to teach me a thing or two?

You’re probably training for the Crossfit Games, but can you be my partner for life?

Short Crossfit Puns

Don’t be a WOD-dle – let’s train together.

Gymnast-ics, but make it CrossFit.

Bells and whistles? More like kettlebells and pistols.

Take a dumbbell-fie, it’ll last longer.

Don’t worry, be burpee.

Time to row-mance those muscles.

Flex appeal: the key to a happy bicep.

Don’t judge a thruster by its cover – it’ll make your quads scream.

Sweatin’ like a kettlebell: it’s called multitasking.

Squats ‘n’ thoughts – the perfect combo for gains and brainpower.

The only way is up – think pull-ups, not setbacks.

Can’t help but rack up those PRs.

Life’s too short for a weak snatch – embrace the strength.

Stay on track and stay in the squat.

Stick to a clean diet…and clean and jerks.

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