80 Gym Jokes

Gym jokes for everyone who has ever worked out. Exercise jokes, fitness jokes and weightlifting jokes to get you laughing no matter what type of workout you’re doing.

Getting into good shape is a total cliché and we are all trying our best to get there. And while getting in shape might not seem like the hardest thing to accomplish, it isn’t easy for some people.

Here’s a roundup of funny, silly, and lighthearted jokes so you can get through that workout without a cringe – or maybe even with a laugh.

Hilarious Gym Jokes

Did you hear about the gym instructor who stole all the weights? He wanted to lighten the load.

Why did the scarecrow join the gym? He wanted to work on his straw-bdominal muscles.

What do you call a grumpy gym-goer? A treadmill.

Why did the tomato turn red at the gym? It saw the salad dressing.

How does a gym-goer greet their muscles? “Pleased to meet you, flexors.”

Why did the weightlifter bring a ladder to the gym? To reach new heights.

What did the dumbbell say to the barbell? “You lift me up, bro.”

Why did the yoga class go broke? They couldn’t stretch their budget.

What did the treadmill say to the elliptical? We’re running for the same cause, let’s keep moving.

Why did the gym employee get fired? He couldn’t stop making dumbbell puns.

What do you call a chicken that lifts weights? Pectoral.

Why did the karate student join the gym? Because he wanted to work on his punch lines

How does a gym-goer build a house? They use a lot of dumbbell-itions.

What did the gym instructor say to the broken treadmill? “You’ve run out of time.”

Why did the gym-goer bring a ladder to the Zumba class? To reach the high notes.

What do you call a gym filled with animals? A zoo-cercize.

How do you make a gym appointment? You just weight.

Why did the judo champion go to the gym? Because he wanted to master the art of “flex-ibility”

What do bodybuilders do on vacation? They take a muscle relaxer.

Love Gymnastics ? Here is the one for you – Why did the gymnast feel at home in the gym? Because it was the perfect “tumbling” ground for their skills

Gym Puns

Time to pump up the “gym-tensity”.

Working out at the gym gives me a good “exercise-cise”.

I gym so I can “rep”resent myself.

My gym routine is always “weight-ing” for me.

Gym rats are always “exercising” their muscle of dedication.

Going to the gym is like “lifting” my spirits.

Working out at the gym is the “strong” foundation of my day.

Achieving my fitness goals is “weight-ing” for me at the gym.

Gym-goers are always “stretching” the limits of their potential.

Don’t underestimate the power of a “gym-believable” workout.

The gym is my “exer-hustle” zone.

The gym is where I go to “sweat the small stuff.

A gym session is like a “weights and measures” of self-improvement.

Going to the gym is my “exercise-priority”.

The gym is my escape from the “work-out-ine” of everyday life.

I always give the gym my “muscl-best” effort.

Sweating at the gym is a total “fit-ness” regimen.

A good gym session leaves me feeling “exhaustively satisfied”.

The gym is my sanctuary for “strength and sweat”.

Gym time is where I “work-out” my stress and insecurities.

Weightlifting Jokes

Weightlifting Jokes

Why did the weightlifter go on a diet? He wanted to lose some wait.

I used to lift weights in space. Now I’m just an astronaut on earth doing a gravity check.

The weightlifter was worried about his bench press, but then he got a spotter.

I walked into a weightlifting store and forgot what I was looking for. Turns out I just needed weight off my shoulders.

Did you hear about the weightlifter who opened a fruit stand? They specialized in heavy lifting.

When weightlifters have bad days, they turn to gravity for support.

Weightlifters – Because bodybuilding alone is not enough to hear bad pick-up lines.

Weightlifters never skip leg day, but sometimes they take a flex day.

What did the weightlifter say when he won the weightlifting competition? “I’m just a strong supporter of good health!”

Why did the weightlifter break up with his gym? There was no spot left in the relationship.

What do you say when a weightlifter falls off the treadmill? Keep cardio and carry weights.

I’d make a weightlifting pun, but they’re already a marathon of repetitions.

Why did the weightlifter join a choir? He wanted to add more reps to his singing routine.

Why did the weightlifter always wear a sweater to the gym? He wanted to bulk up!

Weightlifting is a great way to bulk up your confidence and self-esteem.

What do you call a weightlifting diamond? The “strongest” gemstone.

Why did the weightlifter get banned from the gym? He refused to put his weights on.

I tried to do a weightlifting routine with my pet rabbit. It was a hare-raising experience.

How does a weightlifter catch up on current events? They curl up with a newspaper.

Did you hear about the weightlifter who lifted a car? He really put his back into it!

Exercise Jokes

Why did the gym close down? Couldn’t keep their patrons “tread-milling” in.

I decided to start a daily exercise routine. So far, I’ve made it as far as ordering a gym membership.

Why did the cookie go to the gym? To burn off its chocolate “chips.

I started an exercise routine, but it quickly turned into an “exorcise” routine. My body was possessed by fatigue.

What did the exercise guru say to his depressed client? “Just keep it moving, this too shall pass.”

How many gym-goers does it take to change a lightbulb? None, they prefer to work out in the “dark-squat”.

Why did the weightlifter never finish his sets? He was always second-guessing his rep-utation.

Why did the exercise bike give up on life? It was just a cycle of despair.

I work out so I can jog my memory when I get older.

Did you hear about the gym instructor who only teaches a left-footed tap dance routine? It’s a real “left-exercise” in patience.

Why did the gym offer a round-the-clock workout program? They needed to exercise their “right” to exercise.

What do you get when you cross a marathon runner with a couch potato? A sprinter who needs breaks.

Why did the tree join the gym? It wanted to branch out.

I’m planning to open a gym for cows. It’ll be called “beefit”.

Why did the hipster refuse to exercise? It was too “mainstream”.

What do you call it when a bear lifts weights? A “grizzly workout”.

Why did the turkey go to the gym? It was trying to get in shape for Thanksgiving.

Why did the gym-goer bring a can of soda to the fitness center? They heard it was pop-ular among the weight-lifters.

What did the dumbbell say to the treadmill? “I can’t lift you up right now, but I’ll do it when I have the “strength”.

Why did the professor bring a dumbbell to class? He wanted to give a “strong” lecture.

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