60 January Jokes

January is the first month of the year. It often marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

It’s also a time for new beginnings, fresh starts and taking motivated action toward your goals. Even if it’s only on paper, many people are setting (or resuming) New Year’s resolutions to better themselves this year.

Why not start the year with a laugh? In this post you’ll find puns, dad jokes, silly remarks and other silly humour.

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Hilarious January Jokes

Why did January break up with February? Because they found out that February March.

What’s the best way to get through January? With Febreeze.

Why do people make New Year’s resolutions in January? Because it’s the first month people can’t afford the gym membership.

What did January say to the other months? Winter is coming.

Why was January always feeling cold? Because it had a lot of drafts.

What’s the difference between January and a door? January is always open to new opportunities!

What’s the best way to make it through a cold January? Huddle with someone who already broke their New Year’s resolution.

What do you call a snowman in January? A puddle.

Why do people always break their New Year’s resolutions? Because “January” and “gym membership” both have 8 letters!

What’s the most thrilling thing that happens in January? Paying off your Christmas credit card bill.

Why did January feel like it was flying by? Because it was dealing with resolutions and revolutions all at once!

What did January say when it saw February walking around with a girl? “Aww, look at you, pairing up.”

Why is January always the bossiest month? Because it wants to start the year off on the right foot.

Why did January feel like it couldn’t catch a break? Because it was on the tail end of December’s antics.

Why is January the prime time for self-improvement? Because you can’t spell “resolution” without “JanYOUary”!

January Puns

“January, you’ve got the resolutions-sibilities!”

“Winter-ally embracing January and its chilly puns!”

“January – the month that gives us a fresh start and pun-derful opportunities!”

“Bundle up and get ready to start Jan-punning!”

January – the perfect month to snuggle up with a hot cup of pun-derfully brewed coffee!

“Don’t be Jan-u-airy, let’s dive into some hilarious January puns!”

“Feeling a bit Jan-weary? Let these puns January up your mood!”

“No need to stay chill, January puns will warm you up!”

“Let’s sail into January with a shipload of puns – it’s going to be Jan-tastic!”

“Brace yourselves, it’s time to unleash a flurry of puns for Jan-u-pun-uary!”

January: the month of resolutions, snow, and pun-believable wordplay!

“January – the month when puns winterminate the silence!”

“Getting ready to Jan-ticipate in some pun-derful wordplay this month!”

Ice ice maybe? These January puns will have you skating on laughter!”

“January puns are cooler than the January breeze – they’ll make you grin-uary to grin!”

January Pick-Up Line

January Pick-Up Line

“Are we in January? Because you’ve already made my year!”

“If you were a month, you’d be January, because you’re the beginning of something beautiful.”

I hope you’re not chilly, because you just made my January heat up!

“Is your name January? Because you’ve got my heart on a new year’s resolution!

“Are you a snowflake? Because you’re one in January-MILLION!”

Can I take you out for a cup of hot cocoa? You’re the marshmallow to my chilly January!”

“Is your name January? Because you’re the coolest person I’ve met this year!”

“Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your January-blue eyes.

“Is it just me or is it getting colder in here? Must be the January breeze when you walked in.”

“Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again in January?”

“Forget the winter blues, let’s paint January in vibrant colors of love!”

Are you January’s sunshine? Because you light up even the gloomiest of days.”

“Do you have a resolution to make me yours this January?”

“Is your name January? Because you bring a fresh start to my heart.”

“Is it too early to say ‘happily ever after’? Because you’re the January to my fairy tale.”

Short January Jokes

“Why did January skip the gym?” Gym

“January’s favorite dance move” Dance

“January’s morning routine” Morning

“January’s attempt at a snowman” Snowman

“What did January say to February?” Conversation

“How does January organize its closet?” Closet

“January’s hairstyle” Hairstyle

Why did January bring a ladder to the store?” Ladder

“January’s favorite animal” Animal

“How does January like its coffee?” Coffee

“What did January say when it saw the snowstorm?” Snowstorm

“January’s favorite song” Song

“Why did January refuse to go to the party?” Party

“January’s favorite dessert” Dessert

“What did January wear to the costume party?” Costume

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