70 Jokes about Foxes

Move over, sly politicians; the fox is the true master of cunning! With a tail that’s a fashion statement and a smirk that screams mischief, they’re nature’s sneaky comedians.

Fox’s are quite funny creatures. I love foxes and as such I think the saying goes: when the cat is away the mice will play, since cats are natural predators of the fox.

Here is the list of 70 jokes about Foxes

Fox Puns

Clever as a fox? More like sly as a fox.

My cousin works as a fox detective. He’s always on a “stakeout”.

Have you ever seen a fox on a diet? It’s on a “rabbit food” regimen.

I heard the fox wanted to become a comedian, but it felt like nobody was “furry-ously” laughing at its jokes.

Did you know that foxes are naturally redheads? They’re definitely “foxy”.

The foxes threw a big party yesterday. It was a “howling” success.

What do you call a fox who got into a comedy show for free? A “cheapskate”.

Did the fox ever win an award? Of course, it got the “sly-ving” achievement.

Why did the fox become a singer? It wanted to be a “fox-idol”.

Don’t trust a fox with any secrets, they’re experts at “eaves-dropping”.

Foxes love to play hide-and-seek. They’re always “outfoxing” everyone else.

Did you hear about the fox who won the lottery? It hit the “jack-fur”.

How does a fox build a house? With a lot of “paws” and effort.

Foxes always stay trendy because they’re “fur-ward thinkers”.

Why did the fox bring a map to the desert? It didn’t want to be “lost in the sand”.

The fox wanted a handmade chair, so it went to a “crafty” woodwork class.

What do foxes eat for breakfast? “Cereal” killers.The fox joined the circus and became an amazing “tight-pawed”.

Did you see the fox’s new dance moves? It’s got the “fox-trot” down.

Why did the fox go to business school? It wanted to master “foxtrot strategy”.

Best Fox Jokes

Did you hear about the fox who became a detective? He wanted to solve “paw-ful” crimes.

What do you call a fox who loves baking? A clever cookie.

Why did the fox bring a ladder to the peach orchard? So he could reach for the stars.

How does a fox say hello to a rabbit? “Hare” you doing?

Why did the fox join an orchestra? He heard the conductor would be “foxy”.

What do you get when you cross a fox with a calculator? A cunning “math“ematician.

How do you catch a sneaky fox? Use a dog-gone good trap.

Why do foxes make terrible poker players? They’re always “cunning” their tails.

What kind of street does a fox avoid crossing? A “purr”-pendicular one.

Why did the fox visit the chiropractor? He twisted his “tail”bone.

What’s a fox’s favorite TV show? “Paws and Recreation”.

How do foxes make decisions? They “gopher” it.

Why did the fox go to art school? To brush up on his “purr”-traits.

How did the fox become a chef? He learned to “whisk” away the competition.

Which dance move do foxes love the most? The “foxtrot,” of course.

What’s a fox’s favorite kind of music? Foxy”rock.

How does a fox keep a secret? By “sealing” it with a whisper.

Why did the fox bring a pillow to the Zoo? He wanted to take a “cat”nap.

What did the fox say when he got a promotion? “I’m “fur”ever grateful.”

How do you organize a sneaky fox’s bookshelf? “Cunning”-alphabetical order.

Fox One-Liners

Fox One-Liners

What did the fox say to the owl? “Owl” be seeing you later.

My friend says I’m quick like a fox. Well, I can’t deny that I “sly” sometimes.

Why did the fox bring a book to the swimming pool? In case he wanted to dive into a “tail”-tale.

I asked a fox if they wanted to play hide-and-seek, but they said they prefer “hide-and-sneak”.

You know what they say, a fox can never resist a game of “roam-an-catch”.

My neighbor claims to have a pet fox, but I think she’s just “fur”-ocious.

I wanted to invite a fox to a party, but I was afraid they would “out-fox” everyone.

Did you hear about the educated fox? He was a real “scholar-fur”.

I took a job as a fox catcher, but they all seem to “slip” through my paws.

My dad warned me to be careful around foxes, he said they are “crafty” creatures.

A fox and a rabbit walked into a bakery. The fox said, “I hope there are no “bun”dles of joy.”

Why did the fox become a weather reporter? Because they always know when it’s going to be “fur-rain”.

My grandmother often asks why foxes have such fluffy tails, but I think it’s just to make them look “paws”-ome.

The detective fox was trying to solve a case, but everything seemed a bit “sly-rious”.

A fox went to a baseball game and ended up stealing all the bases. The announcer said, “That’s one “sly”-der fox.”

My teacher asked me what a group of foxes is called. I said, “A “clever”-age of course.”

I wanted to train a fox to be a guard dog, but it just kept chasing its “tail” instead.

The fox and the squirrel went on a date, and it was a “fur-bulous” affair.

My friend told me a fox stole their favorite pair of shoes. I guess it was a case of “sneaker theft”.

I tried to impress the fox at the comedy show, but my jokes fell “tail”-tastically flat.

Short Fox Jokes

What do you call a fox with a carrot in each ear? Anything you want, it can’t hear you.

Why did the fox bring a chair to the chicken coop? He wanted to “sit” and think about his life choices.

Why was the baby fox afraid of the dark? He was scared of his own “shadow.

Why was the fox afraid of the medicine cabinet? He thought he was going to get a “powderful” surprise.

What do you call a fox who’s always getting into mischief? A “prank”-ster.

Why did the fox refuse to eat the grape? He heard it was sour “grapees”.

What do you call a fox who’s great at basketball? A slam “dunk” fox.

How did the fox get over the stream? By using his head “furst”.

Why did the fox cry at the movie? He was “touched” by the story.

What’s a fox’s favorite flavor of ice cream? “Rocky Roadkill”.

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