50 Magic Puns

Magic puns are a nice way of entertaining your friends and family when you’re not quite sure what else to say or do. And they are terrific if you want something to share or post with your friends on social media or if you’re looking for a topic of conversation at social gatherings.

Prepare to be spellbound as we unlock the secrets of laughter and enchantment in our fun blog. Let the magical merriment commence.

Magic Puns

Did you hear about the magician who became a chef? They turned their tricks into “culinary illusions.

Why did the magician have a hard time making a decision? They always felt “torn” between two tricks.

The magician’s rabbit wanted a raise but was told it wasn’t in the “deck” of cards. It was a hare-raising situation.

I tried to learn some magic tricks, but I couldn’t make my fear of failure “disappear”.

What did the magician say to their assistant who constantly made mistakes? “You need to shape up or ‘abracadabra’ you’re outta here.”

The magician’s favorite type of car is the convertible – it’s like having a “transportation trick” up their sleeve.

I asked the magician if they believed in love at first sight. They said, “No, but I’ve experienced ‘abracadabra’-ction at first trick.”

The magician’s favorite dessert is “sorcery” – it’s a delightful combination of sweetness and wonder.

Did you hear about the magician who couldn’t find their hat? They had to make it reappear “out of thin hair.

The magician’s pet parrot is their most loyal audience member. It always appreciates a good “feather trick”.

Why did the magician always carry a pencil and paper? Because they believed in “smoke and paragraph” illusions.

What did the magician say to their wand after a successful trick? “You’ve really ‘sticked’ the landing.”

The magician tried to do a magic trick on an empty stomach, but it didn’t work. They needed to have some “sleight of ‘appetite'”.

The magician’s favorite band is the one that incorporates magic tricks into their performances. They’re truly “spell-binding”.

I saw a billboard for a magician that said, “Witness the ultimate illusion – the disappearing ‘billboard’.”

Magic One-Liners

They say that magicians never reveal their secrets – but I think it’s all just sleight of hand.

Did you hear about the magician who made a deck of cards disappear? It was an optical deck-ception.

If Harry Potter was a magician in real life, he’d be Avadakedavra rich.

I went to a magic show once, but unfortunately, it was just smoke and mis-mirrors.

The magician had a sore throat, but they still managed to pull off a voice-throwing trick – talk about vocal ‘illusions’.

What did the magician say to the deck of cards that kept falling? “I’ll need to ‘suit’ up and try that one again.”

The magician’s cat had a talent for levitation tricks until they realized it was just the cat’s ‘purrdi-gras.

I love watching street magicians – they always have a trick up their sleeve…or sometimes, even down their pants.

What did one magician say to another at a party? I see you’ve brought your ‘wand’ and not your ‘guitar‘ – that’s a switch-up.

If you ever want to know if a magician’s trick is real, just look closely at their ‘sleight’ of hand.

Magic One-Liners

The magician was so good at doing card tricks, they could even ‘club’-house all the suits together.

Did you hear about the magician who turned a pumpkin into a carriage? It was a real fairy gourd mother moment.

I asked the magician if they considered themselves to be a superhero, and they said, “No, I’m just your friendly neighborhood ‘card-tist’.”

The magician was caught using fake coins during their performance. It was a grand ‘illu-cents’ scandal.

What did the magician say to the assistant who kept bringing the wrong prop? “I need you to be sharp and not so ‘disappearing act-ive’ in the props department.”

Magic Jokes

Did you hear about the magician who turned his career around? He pulled a rabbit out of his hat.

How does a magician greet their bunny assistant? “Abraca-d’awwww.”

Why did the magician become a baker? He always knew how to make a magic roll.

How do magicians like to eat their sandwiches? With extra ‘presto’.

What’s a magic trick’s favorite type of music? Hocus Pocus.

How does a magician enter their house? Through the ‘abracadoor’.

Why did the magician carry a map? To ‘a-maze’ the audience.

What’s a magician’s favorite exercise? The ‘ab-tra-cardio’.

How do magicians like their coffee? Full of ‘espresto’.

Why did the magician always take his pet bird to shows? It was a tweet of magic.

How does a magician make their phone disappear? They uninstall the ‘app’arition.

Why was the magician bad at baseball? Every time, he would ‘vanish’ during the pitch.

How do magicians solve problems? They work their ‘wiz-ard’ magic.

Why did the magician cancel their card game? The deck was clearly stacked against them.

How does a magician cut their pizza? With a ‘sleight’ of hand.

What do you call a magic spider? A web illusionist.

Why was the magician a terrible comedian? Their jokes were all ‘presto’.

How do magicians like to travel? By ‘vanishing’ into thin air.

How does a magician apologize? They say, “I’m ‘sawry’ for the trick.”

Why did the magician go to school? To improve their ‘spell’ing skills!

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