40 Nap Puns

Nap puns are playful and humorous wordplays centered around the concept of taking a nap or sleeping. They often involve clever twists on words related to sleep, rest, or relaxation.

The level of interest in nap puns can vary from person to person but many people find puns entertaining because they play with language in a clever and unexpected way.

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Funny Nap Jokes

Funny Nap Jokes

Why did the blanket go to school? It wanted to be a cover-up genius.

How do you organize a fantastic sleepover? Just pillow talk and don’t sheet around.

What did the pillow say to the tired person? “Rest assured, I’ve got your back.”

Why did the duvet get promoted? It was a real comforter in the workplace.

How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little boogie in it during bedtime.

What do you call a blanket with a sense of humor? A laughable throw.

Why did the bed file a police report? It got sheet-faced the night before.

How does a mattress apologize? It says, “I didn’t mean to spring that on you.

Why don’t pillows ever get into arguments? They always cushion their words.

What did the bedtime storybook say to the exhausted reader? “You need a plot twist – turn over.”

Why did the blanket get a job as a comedian? It had a really good cover story.

How do you catch a squirrel? Climb a tree and act like a cozy nest.

What do you call a group of tired musical notes? A good night’s rest.

Why did the bed become a chef? It knew how to make the perfect bedtime toast.

What did the sleepy blanket say to the bed? “You really make me feel snug.”

How do you know if a joke is funny to a pillow? It gets plenty of pillow-laughs.

What’s a blanket’s favorite dance? The snug two-step.

Why did the bedroom mirror become a comedian? It always reflected on the lighter side of things.

How does a pillow say goodbye? “I’ll catch you on the flip side.”

What’s a mattress’s favorite game? Hide and sleep.