60 November Jokes

Are you a November jokester? If so, look no further for the best November jokes. We’ve got Thanksgiving jokes, Fall, Turkey, Pumpkin Pie-lovers, Pilgrim Jokes, and even football-related gags to make you crack a smile.

It’s the best time of the year for jokes about Thanksgiving, Fall, Turkey, Autumn, and Pilgrims. Feel free to use these on your Thanksgiving party for some great laughs.

Best November Jokes

Why did the scarecrow refuse to leave the cornfield in November? Because it heard it was “no-corn-vember”!

Why are turkeys always nervous in November? Because there’s a lot of fowl play going on!

Why did the turkey go to the chiropractor in November? Because it had a bad case of stuffing!

How does November get away with being so cool? It always “fall”s into the season smoothly!

Why was the math book sad in November? Because it had too many problems that it just couldn’t “sine”!

Why did the calendar refuse to go to any November parties? Because its days were always numbered!

Why are football games in November always so hot? Because every player brings the heat during the “touchdown-vember!

Why did the squirrel collect so many acorns in November? Because it wanted to “stock-up” on snacks for hibernation!

Why did the farmer bring his rake to the dance party in November? Because he heard there would be a “leaf”-turn of events!

How did the scarecrow win the pumpkin beauty contest in November? It had the best “gourd-geous” smile!

Why did the turkey bring a pencil to November dinner? To “draw” attention to itself!

Why are November afternoons like a fast-food restaurant? Because they always “fly” by in a hurry!

Why did the November calendar go on vacation? Because it needed a “break” after a long year!

Why did the November tree miss its friends in December? Because they were all pining away for the holidays!

Why did the turkey wear sunglasses in November? Because it didn’t want to be caught “stuffing” around!

November Puns

November is the best month to practice gratitude. It’s a “thankful-fun” time!

I love November because it’s when the leaves decide to have a “falling-out” party!

Don’t be a “turkey” and forget to set your clock back in November. It’s time to “fall back”!

November is the month to cozy up with a good book and enjoy some “novel-tea!

November weather can be unpredictable, but that just makes it more “fall-citing”!

Why did the scarecrow win the “Pumpkin of the Month” award in November? It had a “gourd-geous” smile!

It’s time to bring out the “plaid” fashion in November and rock those fall colors!

November is when I switch from iced to hot coffee – it keeps me “brew-tifully” warm!

Don’t leaf me hanging, November! Show me your true “fall-spectrum” of colors!

November is the month to snuggle up by the fire and have some “toasty-toast”!

November is all about the cozy sweaters and getting “knit-picky” with fashion!

November is when I start making my holiday shopping list and checking it “twice-vember!

In November, there’s no such thing as having too much “pie”-rfection!

November is the month when we enter “leaves of faith” and embrace the beauty of nature!

November is the month to enjoy the crisp air and go on “leaf-chasing” adventures!

November Pick-Up Lines

November Pick-Up Lines

Are you a falling leaf? Because you’re making my heart “fall” for you in November!

Is your name November? Because you’re giving me all the fall feels!

Are you a cozy sweater? Because you’re warming up my November nights!

Is your smile as bright as the autumn sun? Because it’s lighting up my November days!

Are you a pumpkin spice latte? Because you’re the perfect blend of sweetness and warmth in November!

Can I join you in this “foliage romance” of November? Because we’re a perfect pair!

Are you a turkey? Because I’m gobbling up all the love vibes you’re giving me!

Can I call you my “cuddle buddy” for November? Because your arms feel at home!

Are you a bonfire? Because being close to you in November is heating up my heart!

Can we be the falling leaves of November and create a beautiful dance of love together?

Are you a crisp autumn breeze? Because being around you in November gives me chills in the best way!

Can I be your favorite scarf, keeping you warm all November long?

Are you the scent of cinnamon and spices in the air? Because you’re making November even more magical!

Can we be two kindred spirits, exploring the cozy cafes and autumn festivals of November together?

Are you a cozy cabin in the woods? Because spending November with you sounds like a dream come true!

Short November Jokes

Why did the calendar go on a diet in November? It wanted to lose some “dates”!

What do you call a turkey with a great sense of style in November? A “dressed to impress” gobbler!

Why did the scarecrow bring a ladder to the November party? It heard the drinks were on the “high stalks”!

What did the autumn tree say to the confused November tree? “Leaf me alone, I’m branching out!”

Why did the November calendar have trust issues? It knew the days were always changing!

What do you call a turkey with no feathers in November? “Bare-bird” essentials!

Why are November mornings like a cup of coffee? They always perk “leaf” people up!

What did the November tree say to its neighbor? “I’m falling for you, branch out and stay!”

Why are November vegetables so forgiving? They always turn a “new leaf”!

What do you call a November tree that loves math? A “calcul-leaf-er”!

Why did the November squirrel bring a camera to the party? It wanted to “snap” memories of the season!

What do you call a November dessert that likes to tell jokes? A “punny pie”!

Why did the scarecrow get promoted in November? Because it was outstanding in its “field”!

What do you call a November leaf that’s always late? A procrastin-“leaf”!

Why did the turkey invite the computer to November dinner? It wanted a “byte” of tech-savvy flavor!

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