25 Okra Puns

Okra is a peculiar vegetable. Okra is also a mysterious fruit of sorts. Why? Because okra has to be canned or preserved to keep the one thing okra is known best for –- its sliminess –- from running amok and causing havoc.

In order to preserve OKRA, folks have to get creative by creating some OKRApuns, like this:

Best Okra Puns

“Okra-ccasion calls for some vegetable humor!”

“Okra-la-la! Let’s dive into these puns!”

“Don’t be a-okr-aid to laugh at these puns!”

“Okra-mazing puns are just a seed of creativity away!”

Lettuce turn up the heat with some okra puns!

“These okra puns will surely make you ‘pickle’ with laughter!”

Don’t ‘squash‘ your sense of humor, enjoy these okra puns!

“Feeling a bit ‘cooked’ up? These okra puns will spice things up!

“Okra puns are ‘stew’-per fun to share!”

“Have an ‘okra-sional’ laugh with these puns!”

Okra-ciously clever puns to tickle your funny bone!

“Don’t be ‘shellfish,’ share these okra puns with everyone you know!”

Warning: These puns may cause uncontrollable ‘pickling’!

“Get ready to ‘stalk’ the funniest okra puns you’ve ever heard!”

“These okra puns are ‘legume’-dary in the world of vegetable humor!”

Okra Jokes

Okra Jokes

Why did the okra go to therapy? It needed to get over the constant “picking”!

What do you call an okra that never stops talking? A chatty stalk!

Why did the okra refuse to join the circus? It didn’t want to be part of a “carnival” act!

How do okras like to get around? They take the “stalk”-ing horse!

What do you call a group of okras telling jokes? A “punny” bunch!

Why did the okra tell the best jokes at the dinner party? Because it had a great “a-peeling” sense of humor!

What’s an okra’s favorite TV show? “The Stalking Dead”!

How do okras get things done? They “stalk” their objectives and see them through!

Why did the okra find it hard to concentrate? It was always getting “pickled” by distractions!

What do you call an okra that combines comedy and magic tricks? An “abra-cadabra-cra”!

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