70 Parrot Jokes

The flamboyant feathered chatterbox of the avian world – the parrot. With a kaleidoscope of colors and a beak that can’t hold back, they’re the social butterflies of the bird community.

Mimicking voices, singing showstoppers, and cracking jokes, they turn any room into a vibrant party of squawks and laughter.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls — Parrot yourself silly with our enormous list of 80 parrot jokes. From the “parrotty” puns to the puns about how women are from Venus, there’s something here for everyone. Spread the word.

Parrot Puns

Parrots are great communicators because they always have “tweet” things to say.

Did you hear about the parrot who opened its own bakery? It sells delicious “poly-nuts”.

What does a parrot like to drink while flying? “Polly”-juice.

Parrots always know how to make an entrance because they have “flap-tastic” wingspan.

I asked a parrot if it wanted to go on a vacation. It squawked, “Sure, let’s fly “beak” to an exotic paradise.”

Why are parrots such good comedians? They have a “squawk-ing” sense of humor.

Parrots are well-known for their colorful feathers—they’re the “brightest” birds in the sky.

How did the parrot stop himself from getting in trouble? He learned to “wing” it.

Parrots are excellent dancers—they always hit the dance floor with their “polly-rrific” moves.

What is a parrot’s favorite mode of transportation? A “bird-cycle”.

Parrots love to play music. They always have their “beakbox” ready for a jam session.

Did you hear about the parrot who became a detective? It was an expert at “feather-forensics”.

Why did the parrot take a ladder to work? He didn’t want to “wing” it and risk injury.

Parrots are great problem-solvers—they always find a way to “wing” it.

What did one parrot say to the other when they lost their way? “Let’s “feather” together and find our way back.”

Why was the parrot so confident? It knew how to “parrot” the right phrases at the right time.

Parrots love to socialize, they always know how to “beak” the ice in conversations.

What’s a parrot’s favorite game? “Tweety” or not “Tweety”.

Parrots are big fans of technology—they’re always ahead of the “beak” curve.

What do you call a group of talented parrots? A “squawk-tet”.

Best Parrot Jokes

Why did the parrot go to school? To improve its “bird”-culation.

How did the parrot make a cup of tea? It added some “tweet”-bags.

What do you call a parrot that flew away? A “polygon” (polly gone).

What is a parrot’s favorite type of music? Bird”-rock.

What did the parrot say to the squirrel? Nice to “meat” you.

Why did the parrot bring a ladder to the bar? It wanted to “wing” it and climb to new heights.

What do parrots do after a long day of flying? They “perch”-ill and relax.

What did one parrot say to the other during a storm? “It’s time to find some “bird”-y shelter.”

How does a parrot ask for a snack? It says, “Polly wants a cracker, please.

What kind of birthday party do parrots throw? “Squawk”-tails parties.

Why did the parrot bring a cell phone to the comedy show? It wanted to “tweet” some jokes.

What do you call a parrot that flew too close to the sun? A “polly-lympian”.

How do parrots greet each other in the morning? They say, “Polly good morning to you.”

What do you call a parrot that became a stand-up comedian? A “squawk”-y jokester.

Why did the parrot always win at poker? It knew how to “feather” its opponents.

What’s a parrot’s favorite sport? Squawk-etball.

How did the parrot become a pilot? It earned its “bird” license.

What’s a parrot’s favorite ride at the amusement park? The “tweet”-a-whirl.

How did the parrot land a leading role in a movie? It nailed the audition with its “squawk”-tastic acting skills.

Why did the parrot start a gardening business? It had a “feather” green thumb.

Parrot Pick-Up Lines

Parrot Pick-Up Lines

Is your name Polly? Because whenever I see you, my heart wants to “parrot” your love.

Are you a parrot? Because you’re the most beautiful creature to “feather” my dreams.

Is it just me, or do I feel a strong “connection” with you, like we’re two parrots in a flock?

Are you a parrot trainer? Because you just taught my heart to swoop and “parrot” for you.

Excuse me, but I can’t help but be “star-struck” by your beauty. You shine brighter than any parrot’s feathers.

Are you a parrot whisperer? Because the way you make my heart flutter is beyond “squawk-tacular”.

If I were a parrot, I’d be singing sweet melodies just to catch your attention. You’re my favorite tune.

Is there a pirate buried inside you? Because you’ve stolen my heart like a “parrot-treasure”.

Do you believe in love at first “flight”? Because the moment I saw you, my heart soared.

Is there room in your nest for two? Because together, we can build a love that’s “beak”-utiful.

Forget about Polly, I’m your perfect match. Let’s “parrot” our way into each other’s hearts.

When I look into your eyes, I see a reflection of parrots dancing in the sky. It’s magical.

Can I join your flock? Because being around you makes me feel like I’m soaring with the most magnificent parrots.

Is your heart as colorful as a parrot’s plumage? Because I’m falling for you in all shades of love.

Did it hurt when you fell from the sky? Because you’re an angel among parrots, and I’m utterly captivated by you.

Are you a parrot magician? Because you’ve cast a spell on me, and I can’t help but be enchanted.

If you were a parrot, you would definitely win the award for the most stunning plumage. You’re a natural beauty.

Are you a parrot expert? Because I could spend a lifetime learning about the wonders of your heart.

Can you teach me the secret to being as captivating as a parrot? Because you’ve completely captivated my soul.

Excuse me, but I think my heart just flew out of my chest, landed on your shoulder, and started singing like a parrot. You have that effect on me.

Parrot One-Liners

I asked my parrot if he wanted to go for a walk, and he replied, “I’ll just spread my wings and fly.”

Parrots always seem to have the perfect comeback. They’re like the sassy stand-up comedians of the bird kingdom.

My parrot can imitate any voice so well that it once convinced me I forgot my own name. True story.

Parrots and pirates have one thing in common – they both know the value of treasure that squawks.

Parrots are great secret keepers. Just tell them something juicy, and they’ll keep it locked away in their colorful feathers.

They say that parrots are nature’s little alarm clocks. But I must say, being woken up by a “squawk” sure beats a buzzing alarm any day.

Parrots are excellent wingmen. Literally. They’ll fly in and steal the show, leaving you free to chat up your crush.

Parrots have a unique way of expressing affection. Instead of hugs and kisses, they shower you with a chorus of delightful chirps and squawks.

My parrot thinks he’s a comedian. Either that or he just loves hearing his own jokes. Who can blame him?

Parrots are like living tape recorders. Be careful what you say around them, because they might just spew it back at the most unexpected moments.

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