50 Peas Puns

Peas are a great attribute for vegetable puns. The plural of peas is pease and you can also use peas as a verb like ‘peas, please’. Punning is a form of word play in which the words that are used have multiple meanings. This gives us room to swap them around and make new meanings.

Some people might say that a pun is the lowest form of humor. Sure, a lot of puns are cheesy and old, but you’ll never find a group of people with more passion for puns than a group of grammar nerds.

Puns are a mark of creativity and intelligence, not stupidity. With that said, here’s 50 jokes about peas (that all contain some element of wordplay).

Hilarious Peas Puns

“I find peas hilarious because they always split their sides!”

“Why did the pea go to school? To become a ‘smarty-pea’!”

“Peas give the best vegetable performances, they really know how to ‘produce’ laughs!”

“What do you call a funny pea? A ‘comedy pod’!”

“Peas are great listeners because they always ‘ear’ out jokes!”

“Why did the pea join a band? Because it had exceptional ‘mush-pea-cality’!”

“What do you get when you tell a funny joke to a bunch of peas? A ‘pea-roaring’ laughter!”

“Why did the pea get an award? It was the ‘funniest-pea-sode’ of the year!”

“Did you hear about the pea comedian? It always ‘pods’ to packed audiences!”

“Why did the pea become a detective? It had a ‘nose‘ for funny business!

What do you call a pea that can do magic tricks? A ‘pea-raculous’ performer!”

“Why did the pea become a stand-up comedian? It was tired of being ‘punned up’ in its shell!”

What’s a pea’s favorite type of music? Pea-unk’ rock!

“Why did the pea go to therapy? It needed help with its ‘split’ personality!”

“What do you call a pea with a great sense of humor? A ‘wise-crackling’ pea!”

Peas Jokes

Why did the pea go on a roller coaster? It wanted to experience some “pea-king” thrill!

What do you call a pea that can’t stop dancing? A “groove-pea”!

How do you make a pea laugh? Tell it a “pea-nut” joke!

Why did the pea bring a ladder to the garden party? It wanted to “climb-pea” the social ladder!

What’s a pea’s favorite type of video game? “Pea-cman”!

Why did the pea get a part-time job as a DJ? It wanted to “mix-peas” and entertain!

What did the pea say when it won the lottery? “I’m pea-lthy!”

How do you catch a runaway pea? With a “pea-trap”!

What do you call a pea with incredible strength? A “muscle-pea”!

Why do peas love to play hide-and-seek? Because they’re “pea-king” masters at it!

What’s a pea’s favorite exercise? “Pea-lates”!

Peas Jokes

Why did the pea go to the spa? It needed some “pea-ce” and relaxation!

How did the pea win the race? It took a “pea-delled” approach to victory!

What did the detective pea say to the suspect? I’m going to ‘grill-pea’ you until you ‘spill-pea’ the beans!

What do you call a pea that tells jokes in outer space? An “astro-pea-ner”!

Peas Pick-Up Liners

“You must be a pea, because I find you ‘a-pea-ling'”

“Are you a garden? Because I want to ‘plant-pea’ my lips on yours”

“You’re the missing piece in my pea pod”

“Is your father a gardener? Because you’re a ‘budding-pea-uty'”

“I couldn’t help but notice you, you ‘pea-k’ my interest”

You must be magic because you have ‘pea-rfect’ eyes

“I’ve got a ‘pea’ on you, would you care to go out with me?”

Excuse me, do you have a map to your heart? I’m a ‘lost-pea'”

“You’re like a breath of fresh air, a ‘sweet-pea’ to my life”

“If you were a pea, I would never split our pod”

“I can’t believe we haven’t ‘met-peas’ sooner!”

“I wish I could bottle up your ‘pea-sonality'”

“If you were a pea, I would ‘pod-tner’ up with you forever”

“Would you be the ‘pea’ to my ‘pod’? Let’s invest in each other’s future”

“There’s no one else like you, you’re a ‘one-in-a-pea’ kind of person”

You must be a star because you make my heart ‘pea-shoot’

“I must be a magician because with you, everything is ‘utter-ly-pea-zing'”

“You’re the ‘pea-rfect’ addition to my garden of love”

“I must be a pea because I couldn’t ‘res-pea-st’ talking to you”

“Are you a shooting star? Because I wish you were mine, ‘pea-rhaps'”

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