60 Physics Jokes

Physics is like a cosmic stand-up comedy show where atoms tell jokes, gravity pulls pranks, and particles breakdance in a quantum disco.

It’s like a never-ending game of “Why?” where scientists ask questions like, “Why is the sky blue?” and “Why do rubber ducks float?” From exploring the tiniest particles to unraveling the secrets of the cosmos, physics is the ultimate adventure that makes you wonder, “What other surprises does the universe have up its sleeve?” Get ready to have your mind blown and your curiosity ignited.

On the other hand, for those who like wordplay, puns and plays of words, jokes are a way to make sure your professor doesn’t pick you for peer review for your lack of imagination. This collection contains 60 jokes about physics for all kinds of people who like humour.

Best Physics Jokes

Two atoms were walking down the street. One says, “I think I lost an electron.” The other asks, “Are you sure?” The first atom replies, “Yes, I’m positive.

Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything.

How does a physicist exercise? By running experiments.

Why did the chicken go to the physicist? To learn about egg-citing new discoveries.

Did you hear about the physicist who got too close to a black hole? He’s still feeling a bit stretched out.

Why did the photon bring a map to the party? Just in case it got lost in the light.

What did one charged particle say to the other? “I’m positive we’ll stay together.”

Why did the cat sit on the computer? To keep an i-on the mouse.

Did you hear about the superhero who can become invisible in the dark? They go by Dark Matter.

Why did the physicist bring a ladder to the bar? Because they heard the drinks were on a quantum level.

How do physicists stay cool? They use Celsius, because it’s a scientific “cool-son.”

What do you call a group of musical physicists? A string quartet.

Why did the quantum physicist bring a broom? They wanted to sweep away uncertainties.

What do physicists eat for breakfast? Quark cereal with graviton milk.

Why did the electric car break up with the solar panel? They just had no spark.

Physics One-Liners

Physicists never have a bad day, they just experience different “wave” lengths.

I tried to write a physics joke, but it’s all relative – you might find it amusing depending on your perspective.

Studying physics is shocking – you’ve got to deal with both positive and negative charges.

I asked the atom if it wanted to go out, but it said it “didn’t have enough energy” for a relationship.

The mathematician asked the physicist, “What’s your angle?” The physicist replied, “360 degrees of awesomeness.”

The physicist was feeling weightless, so they tried to lighten up the conversation with some “quantum humor.”

I thought about becoming a physicist, but I couldn’t handle the uncertainty of the job prospects.

You can always count on a physicist for an “attraction” to gravity jokes – they’re never resistant.

The physicist’s favorite type of fruit is the pear – it’s shaped just like a “sphere” of scientific possibilities.

The physicist’s diet consists of a balanced meal plan of protons, neutrons, and electrons – it’s a nuclear fusion.

If you’re ever feeling down, just remember that there’s a whole world of physics waiting to “uplift” your spirits.

The physicist’s favorite time of the day is “moment” o’clock – a chance to ponder the passage of time.

I asked the physicist for help with my dating life, and they told me to “stay positive, attract like charges.”

The physicist’s dating advice: Don’t worry about magnetic attraction – just “go with the flow” of the field lines.

The physicist’s favorite superhero is Flash because they secretly wish they could bend the laws of physics too.

Physics Puns

Physics Puns

Did you hear about the physicist who lost their hair? They couldn’t handle the constant “friction” with their lab equipment.

I wanted to become a physicist, but I couldn’t find any “momentum” to pursue that career.

The physicist couldn’t resist telling chemistry jokes – they just wanted to “bond” with other scientists.

The physicist was getting tired of their experiments, so they decided to take a “power nap” to recharge.

Physics teachers never feel lonely – they’re always surrounded by “matter” wherever they go.

Did you hear about the scientist who discovered a new particle? They were “positively” charged with excitement.

The physicist’s favorite type of workout is “quantum leaps” – they take exercise to the next level.

The physicist’s party was a success – they had a “measurable” amount of fun.

The physicist had a bad day at work, but they took solace in knowing that “resistance” builds character.

I asked the physicist to help me solve a problem, but they said it was “beyond their wavelength.”

The physicist couldn’t find their keys, so they searched under the light post because that’s where the “mass” is concentrated.

Why did the physicist bring a ladder to the lab? They wanted to conduct experiments on a “higher” scale.

The physicist broke up with their partner because they were tired of all the “negative energy” in the relationship.

If a physicist gets lost, they just need to “re-calibrate” their navigation and find their way back.

The physicist was feeling a bit “inertia” – they lacked the desire to start anything new.

Short Physics Jokes

Did you hear about the physicist who didn’t want to pay the electricity bill? He thought it was a form of “resistance” against the power company.

I asked a physicist for a joke, and they said, “I would tell you one about entropy, but it’s too disordered to remember.”

Why did the physics book go to the dentist? Because it had a bad case of “teeth marks” from all the nerdy readers.

How does a physics professor greet their students? With a “hellow” – a combination of “hello” and “doppler” effect.

Why did the proton bring a suit to the party? It wanted to make a “positive” impression on the other charges.

I told my physics teacher I felt weightless. They said, “Don’t worry, it’s just a temporary state of ‘gravity’.”

Why was the quantum physicist so calm? Because they knew they could “wave” goodbye to their problems at any time.

The physicist asked the barista for a cup of coffee. The barista said, “Are you sure? It’s highly ‘grounds’ for energy.”

Why did the physics student skip their afternoon nap? They couldn’t afford to lose any “potential energy”.

Two photons walked into a bar. One asked the other, “Are you sure they’ll serve us?” The other said, “Of course, we’re both ‘light’weights.”

What did the physicist say when they won the lottery? “I guess you could say my luck has reached a ‘quantum’ level.”

Why did the physics teacher love spending time at the beach? They couldn’t get enough of those “wave” dynamics.

The physicist was a terrible driver. They always took the “path of least resistance,” resulting in a lot of detours.

I tried to apply for a job at the physics factory, but they said I didn’t have enough “potential” to work there.

The physics professor asked the student, “What’s the relationship between a door and a winding staircase?”

The student replied, “Hmm, I guess they have a ‘rotational’ bond.”

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