35 Plum Puns

Plums are a staple of fall, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy them year-round. I mean they’re delicious and taste amazing in all sorts of sweet and savory dishes.

And of course, there’s always just eating them straight from the grocery store — at least that’s what I do.

Here is a list of 35 plum puns and (and somewhat groan-inducing) wordplay jokes.

Plum Puns

re as versatile as they are tasty, as they can be sprinkled into conversations like the perfect seasoning for a dish. Just like plums come in various shapes and sizes, plum puns can take on many forms, from playfully incorporating the fruit into a sentence to crafting puns centered around its name.

Whether you’re sharing a juicy joke with friends or adding a touch of sweetness to your humor, plum puns are the perfect way to add a little zest to your language.

Life is plum-tiful when you embrace the sweetness.

Did you hear about the singing plum? It was known for its raisin’ voice.

Stay plum-derful and let your dreams fruit-tify.

Why did the plum go to the doctor? It wasn’t feeling grape.

A plum that stole the show? It was truly prunetacular.

Plums don’t like to argue, they prefer to keep things a-peach-ful.

Don’t be prune to mistakes, learn from them and keep moving plum-ward.

A good sense of humor is plum-pathy for the soul.

When life gives you plums, make plum-ade and enjoy the sweetness.

The plum farmer loved his job because it was absolutely a-plum-ding.

A plum’s favorite type of exercise? Plum-ba!

Too many plums can make you feel melon-colly.

Plums and relaxation go hand in hand, they love to unwine-d.

Plum-plicity is the key to a timeless and elegant style.

Have you ever met a plum with a great sense of plum-or? They’re a riot.

The plum community throws the best parties, they’re always plum-tastic.

What’s a plum’s favorite song? “When I’m Plum Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

The plum got into the comedy business because it wanted to tickle some funny plums.

A plum’s favorite place to dance? The jam-boree.

Embrace your uniqueness and shine bright like a plum that stands out in the orchard.

Plum One Line Puns

Plum one-line puns are a concise and witty form of wordplay that cleverly incorporates the word “plum” into a single sentence or phrase. These puns are like bite-sized bursts of humor, packing a punch with their simplicity and clever use of language.

Just like plums themselves, which are known for their rich, sweet, and tangy flavor, plum one-liners provide a quick and delightful burst of amusement. They challenge our creativity and wordplay skills, making them a favorite among pun enthusiasts.

Plum Puns

I tried to make a plum pun, but it just fell fruitless.

Plums are the berry best when it comes to flavor.

Why did the plum go to school? To become apricot-ted.

My job at the fruit stand? Plum management.

The plum tree was upset because it felt a bit pitted.

Forget love, I’d rather fall for some ripe plums.

A plum asked me for a dance. I said, “Sure, let’s salsa!

What’s a plum’s favorite workout? Plumbobics.

I told my friend a plum joke, but it went over his melon.

Why did the detective eat plums? He was in search of a juicy case.

I asked the shopkeeper if the plums were fresh. He replied, “They’re a-peeling!”

Why did the plum skip lunch? It wanted to go straight to dessert.

The aspiring comedian had a plum gig at the orchard. It was the pits.

Ever hear about the plum that won the lottery? It lived on Easy Street.

When life gives you plums, make plum-cakes and enjoy the sweet moments.


What are plum puns? Plum puns are a type of wordplay that cleverly incorporates the word “plum” into sentences or jokes to create humor or play on words.

How do plum puns work? Plum puns often use the various meanings and associations of the word “plum” to create clever and amusing word combinations or phrases.

Why are plum puns popular? Plum puns are popular because they add a touch of humor to conversations, making them enjoyable and engaging. They are also versatile and can be used in a variety of contexts.

Can you provide examples of plum puns? Certainly! Here are a couple of examples:

  • “Life is the pits without a good plum pun.”
  • “She’s in a plum daze.”

Are there any tips for creating plum puns? To create your own plum puns, think about the different meanings and attributes of plums, such as their taste, color, and shape, and try to incorporate them creatively into your sentences or jokes.

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