30 Pomegranate Puns

It’s a pun-tastic world out there, and if you don’t believe me, just look at these pomegranate puns I’ve come up with. That got your attention, didn’t it? Pomegranates are delicious fruits, full of seeds that have their own intricate little flavors.

And as if it gets any sweeter, they are also associated with love and fertility, mostly due to their shape resembling something else. So much so that they’ve become symbols for mythology like Aphrodite and ancient Egypt.

Of course the best thing about this fruit is that it can help promote good health. See what you mean? This fruit is abundant in antioxidants and vitamin C.

Lets start with some great puns

Pomegranate Puns

I love pomegranates, they’re truly a-pom-azing.

Did you hear about the pomegranate that started a band? It had great rhythm and juice-talent.

Pomegranates always seem to have a-peel when it comes to their vibrant color.

Did you hear about the romance between the beetroot and the pomegranate? They’re a match made in ‘flavor heaven’ – a true heart ‘beet’ and juicy ‘pom’ance

If life gives you pomegranates, make pomegranate-ade and enjoy the tangy sweetness.

The pomegranate was feeling punny, so it challenged the peach to a fruit pun-off. It was a peel-ing contest.

Pomegranates are like little surprises bursting with deliciousness.

What did one pomegranate say to the other during the race? “I’ll juice meet you at the finish line.”

The pomegranate went to the doctor and said, “I’m feeling a bit seedy. Can you help?”

Pomegranates are great at multitasking – they’re fruitful and juice-y.

Why did the pomegranate cross the road? To get to the juicier side.

I gave my friend a pomegranate as a gift. It was a token of my a-peel.

The pomegranate had a great social life. It was always jam-packed with friends.

Pomegranates have a way of making everything they touch a little more vibrant.

The pomegranate was such a charmer, it always knew how to juice the right words.

Pomegranate One-Liners


My love for pomegranates is simply irresistible.

Pomegranates: the burst of joy in every juicy bite.

A pomegranate a day keeps the doctor away, or so they say.

I’m like a pomegranate – tough on the outside, but full of sweetness inside.

Pomegranates are the fruit equivalent of a treasure chest, hiding precious gems within.

Life’s better when you’re holding a pomegranate.

Pomegranates are proof that sometimes the most delicious things are hidden beneath a tough exterior.

Pomegranate seeds are like tiny bursts of edible confetti.

Eating pomegranates is like tasting nature’s own fireworks.

I like my relationships like a pomegranate: filled with delightful surprises.

The pomegranate: a fruit that understands the importance of keeping things juicy.

Pomegranates are the VIPs of the fruit world, commanding attention with their deep, rich color.

When life hands you pomegranates, make a colorful and refreshing statement.

Pomegranates make smoothies more vibrant and mornings more delightful.

Picking out pomegranate seeds should be an Olympic sport. It’s all about precision and patience.

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