60 Printable Puns

Printable puns are a form of wordplay where a play on words is created based on the similarity in sound between two words or phrases, often with a humorous or clever twist.

Using printable puns in conversations can bring humor by surprising people with unexpected wordplay. They often require a moment of realization, and when the connection is made, it elicits a chuckle or a smile.

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Funny Printable Jokes

Why did the computer go to comedy school? It wanted to improve its punchlines on paper.

My joke about printers is so good, you’ll be toner-deaf from laughing.

The comedian tried telling a joke to a document, but it couldn’t handle the paper cut.

I told a document a joke, but it didn’t find it funny. Guess it had a bad sense of paper-humor.

What do you call a hilarious font? Comic Sans-sation.

The joke about ink was so good; it left everyone in a permanent state of laughter.

My friend tried to make a joke about photocopies, but it was a copycat of a bad pun.

Why did the computer bring a pencil to the comedy show? In case it wanted to draw some laughs.

I told a joke to a paper airplane, and it really took off in the laughter department.

Why did the document apply for a job as a comedian? It had a ream of good jokes.

Printable Jokes

The comedian tried to make a joke about paper cuts, but it was a tearable experience.

My joke about stationery was so good; it’s now the write way to get a good laugh.

The printer told a joke, but it had paper issues—it couldn’t handle the folds.

I tried to tell a joke to a stapler, but it just clammed up. I guess it’s not a fan of punchlines.

Why did the computer bring a ream of paper to the party? It wanted to be the ream of the crop in jokes.

The photocopier joined the comedy club—it wanted to be a copywriter of laughs.

My document tried to tell a joke, but it was in lowercase—no one heard it.

What’s a printer’s favorite genre? Comedy—because it loves a good paper trail of laughs.

The joke about the floppy disk was so outdated; it got saved in the archives of bad humor.

Why did the computer get invited to the joke festival? Because it had a byte-sized sense of humor.

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