50 Purple Puns

Purple is a color of nobility, wealth, luxury, extravagance and ambition. Purple reigns as one of the world’s most expensive colors – second only to white. That is just the beginning of the many facts that surround this mysterious hue.

It has been used throughout time by famous leaders, kingdoms and empires to symbolize power, wealth and prosperity. In fact, purple was even used in church rituals to symbolize holiness and spirituality.

But when purple is thrown into a sentence, it becomes something special. Maybe its because of all that purple haze. Or maybe its because of that incredibly smart little girl who always wore purple and was able to spit out her thoughts on any random topic at the drop of a hat. Whatever the reason may be, we’ve got 50 of them for you:

Purple Puns

When the grape asked the berry to hang out, it replied, “Sure thing, let’s make it a grape date!”

The grape and the lavender went on a vacation together. They had a grape time in their purple paradise.

The artist loved using the color purple because it always added a certain grape-appeal to their paintings.

Did you hear about the purple musician? They’re a real “jam” band.

When the purple-loving baker tried a new recipe, they said, “This cake is berry a-mousse-ing!

Despite making a few mistakes, the purple magician was always able to “color”rect them with their amazing tricks.

I tried to change the color of my car to purple, but it violet-ed the car’s warranty.

The purple athlete was great at long-distance running. They were always able to “grape-vine” to the finish line.

What do you get when you cross a purple vegetable with a funny comedian? A “Jester Eggplant

The grape decided to run for office because it believed in “raisin” awareness about important issues.

When the grape was feeling down, its berry friend comforted it by saying, “Don’t worry, everything will turn out grape.”

The purple superhero soared through the sky, leaving a trail of violet behind. They were known as “The Grape Avenger”.

The purple-haired scientist discovered a new element and named it “Purplicity” because it had a touch of grape in it.

The purple garden was full of lavender plants, and they all smelled absolutely “grape.

When the purple chef made a dish with eggplants, they proudly declared, “This meal has egg-cellent purple flavor.

Lavender Puns

Why did the lavender refuse to leave its pot? Because it had roots in the ground.

The lavender plant was feeling down, but it kept its head up high and its buds pointing towards the sun.

What did the lavender say to the bee buzzing around its flowers? “I’m glad you’re pollen for me.”

The chef loved experimenting with unconventional flavors, but the lavender dish was simply sublime – it was nothing short of “herb-stacle.”

Purple Puns

The lavender farmer was always sure to take good care of their crops – after all, they were their “pet-als.”

The singer’s rendition of the classic “Lavender Blue” was so good, it gave everyone “herb”sticles.

When the lavender plant couldn’t afford a gardener, it decided to “be a-lawn” and take care of itself.

What do you call a group of lavender plants that sing together? A “ch-hum.”

The writer was inspired by the calming scent of lavender and decided to write a novel – it had quite a “her-boutique” feel to it.

When the lavender plant was asked about its favorite TV show, it replied, “I can’t choose just one – I love to watch herb-ything.

The athlete wore lavender-colored shoes to his next race, and he swore they gave him “herb”-vantage.

With its soothing aroma, the lavender oil was perfect for the spa’s “relax-herb-tion” treatment.

What do you get when you cross a lavender plant and a computer? A “herb-yte.”

When the artist used lavender paint in their latest masterpiece, it was “herb-tastic.”

The lavender farmer always told the best jokes when they were picking their crops – they were quite the “herb-arious.”

Purple Jokes

Why did the purple joke writer go to art school? Because they wanted to learn how to draw a “punch-line.

What did the grape say to the purple joke? “You’re a-raisin the bar with your hilarious humor.”

How do you make a purple joke even funnier? Add a “hue” of laughter.

Why did the purple joke go to the doctor? It felt a little “blue” and needed a laughter check-up.

What did the purple joke say to the audience? “Don’t worry, my humor won’t “violet” anyone’s sensitivities.”

How does a purple joke start its morning? With a “berry” good punchline.

Why was the purple joke so good at entertaining kids? It always kept its content “grape”-ropriate.

What do you call a purple joke that gets too long? A “plum“-derful story.

How does a purple joke deliver its punchline? With a dash of “plum-tastic” comedic timing.

Why did the purple joke become a comedian? Because it wanted to show off its “grape” sense of humor.

What’s a purple joke’s favorite fruit? A “punch line”apple.

How did the purple joke get so popular? It went viral and spread like “purple fire.”

What did the purple joke do when it heard a funny story? It started “grape”-ing with laughter.

How does a purple joke feel after a successful punchline? “Grape”-ful and accomplished.

Why was the purple joke always so confident? Because it knew it could always make people “grape”-preciate its humor.

What do you call a purple joke that keeps repeating itself? A “re-plum-tive” joke.

Why did the purple joke cross the road? To get to the “punch” line.

How does a purple joke cure the blues? By adding a little “lavender” to its humor.

Why did the purple joke writer quit their day job? They realized they were “plum”-ing for better opportunities.

How does a purple joke stay in shape? By exercising its “plum”-b muscles with regular comedic practice.

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