30 Rugby Puns

Rugby is a tough game that is played by tough men. Players routinely get smashed in the mouth, give as good as they get and then go and have a pint with their opponent afterwards. It’s not the nicest game to watch, but it’s certainly an exhilarating game to play.

It is a very funny game, especially if you’re not the one getting injured. Here are 30 rugby jokes for you to enjoy.

Rugby Puns

What do you call a try that was scored by a kangaroo? A Roo-gby try

What is a rugby ball’s favorite toy? A fetch-sin ball

Why did the rugby player join the band? He wanted to be a try-angle player

What do you call a rugby player who’s broken his leg? A player who’s been tackled

What is a rugby player’s favorite type of shoes to wear? Sneakers of the trade

Why did the rugby team go to the museum? Because they wanted to see their t-rex-perience

Why did the rugby player feel guilty? Because he made a forward pass in the church

Why was the Rugby team sad after losing? Because it clearly was not in their genes

What did the rugby player eat before the game? Some try-fles

What do you get if you take a rugby player’s nose and divide it by their toes? Feet, in a 15-man game of rugby

What do rugby players use to brush their teeth? Scrum-brushes

What do you call a rugby player who can’t pass or tackle? A scrummy

Why did the rugby team go to China? To study their line-outs

What did the rugby player say when he got lost? I wish I had a Scrum-Navigator

Why did the rugby player go to space? Because he wanted to find the perfect scrum-sphere

Rugby Jokes

Rugby Puns

I tried to join the local rugby team, but it turns out they were only interested in scrum-mates.

Why do rugby players never wear watches? Because they’re always forward passing.

I had no idea what position to play in rugby, but after some thought, I realized that I was born to be a try-er.

Why did the rugby team hire a chef? To make sure they always had enough scrum-ptious meals!

Why don’t rugby players use Tinder? Because they prefer to make a scrum-mage in person.

Rugby is a funny game. I mean, how can you not laugh when the announcer says “Scrum-half”?

Rugby players are good at math because they’re always looking for the line of try-angulation.

What’s the difference between a rugby player and a skydiver? A rugby player yells “TRY”, whereas a skydiver yells “Fall”.

The local rugby team is having a party but I don’t know if I should go. I heard things might get a little ruck-us.

Why did the rugby player break up with his girlfriend? Because she kept trying to convert him.

I tried to convince my friend to watch rugby with me, but he said it looked too violent. So, I tackled him.

Why couldn’t the rugby player go on vacation? He couldn’t find his line-out visa.

How does a rugby player apologize? “I’m sorry, that was a bit forward of me.”

Why did the rugby player bring string to the game? To tie the score when they’re behind.

Why did the rugby player wear two pairs of pants? He wanted to have a double layer of protection for the rear-engagement.

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