40 Simpsons Jokes

The Simpsons’ jokes also serve as a reflection of society, often holding a mirror to our own behaviors and absurdities. The satire and social commentary in the show are vehicles for laughter and reflection.

The show’s ability to create a fictional town, complete with its quirks and idiosyncrasies, is a testament to the writers’ creativity

I’ve often found myself quoting Simpson jokes in everyday life. A simple “D’oh!” when I make a mistake or a playful “Don’t have a cow, man” to lighten the mood in a tense situation.

These jokes are not just humorous moments from a TV show but a part of my own language and a way to connect with fellow fans. Here are 40 interesting simpsons jokes.

Simpsons Puns

Did you hear about the Simpsons-themed amusement park? It’s called Krusty Land.

Why did Bart Simpson start taking cooking classes? So he could learn to make “ay caramba-loney”.

Why did Homer Simpson buy a treadmill? So he could exercise his right to eat donuts.

What do you call it when Marge Simpson gets mad? Hair-raising.

Why did Ned Flanders stop his renovation project? He realized it was a real “fland’er’s nightmare”.

Why don’t the Simpsons go skydiving? They’re afraid of falling faster than the show’s ratings.

What did Homer Simpson say when he realized he was out of beer? “D’oh de lolly lil’.”

What’s Apu’s favorite type of coffee? Java-lypse.

Why did Krusty the Clown open a fast-food chain? He wanted to offer his fans “Krusty burgers” and “Sideshow fries”.

Why did Lisa Simpson become a vegetarian? Because she wanted to make a meaty-ocre impact on the world.

What’s the name of the Springfield mafia boss? Fat Tony, of course.

Why did Moe the bartender change his name to Louis? He wanted to add some chic to his sleaze.

What do you call it when Mr. Burns goes surfing? A “smithers-oon”.

Why did Krusty the Clown start a music career? He wanted to be known as the “fifth Beatle”.

What’s the name of the Simpsons’ next-door neighbor? Ned Flanders, the king of the “diddly-dang-dang” catchphrase.

What do you call it when Homer Simpson enters a donut-eating contest? A “Homer-athon”.

Why don’t the Simpsons go to outer space? They’d rather stay grounded in Springfield, USA.

Why did Bart Simpson drop out of his poetry class? He just didn’t have a “cromulent” vocabulary.

What’s Skinner’s favorite type of music? Principal Skinner’s jazzy standards.

Why did Homer Simpson take up gardening? He wanted to grow his own “d’oh-sy-d’ohs”.

Simpson One-Liners

Simpson One-Liners

Why did Bart Simpson always get good grades in music class? Because he knew how to “rock and roll.

What’s Homer Simpson’s favorite exercise routine? The “D’oh-si-do”.

Why did Moe the bartender become a meteorologist? Because he wanted to accurately predict “Hail Bob” showers.

What do you call it when Ralph Wiggum tells a joke? A “Wiggum Wit” moment.

Why did Lisa Simpson become a computer programmer? She wanted to put the “smart” in “smartphone”.

What’s Marge Simpson’s favorite workout? Vacuum Zumba – it’s all about “suck-centration”.

Why did Krusty the Clown join the circus? He wanted to be the “Ringleader of Laughter”.

What’s Mr. Burns’ favorite type of music? “Monty Python”.

Why did Chief Wiggum become a chef? He wanted to serve up “law and order-erves”.

What did Homer Simpson say when he entered the bakery? “Buns, my friend, we meet again.”

Why did Maggie Simpson enroll in art school? She wanted to create “canvas-tastic” masterpieces.

What does Bart Simpson do when he can’t find his skateboard? He starts a “missing board” report.

Why did Milhouse start a gardening club at school? He wanted to sow the seeds of friendship, just like “milherb”.

What’s Principal Skinner’s favorite type of comedy? “School of Laughter”!

Why did Lisa Simpson become a magician? She wanted to make “saxophone-appear” out of thin air.

What did Sideshow Bob say after his birthday party? “Another year of Krusty’s clowning around.”

Why did Ned Flanders open a bakery? His baked goods are always “heavenly-diddly-delicious”.

What’s Mr. Burns’ favorite type of dance move? The “Smithers Twist”.

What did Bart Simpson say when he found his secret stash of comic books? Aye Caramba, I’ve struck gold.

Why did Marge Simpson become a stand-up comedian? She wanted to find laughter in every “blue hair” moment.