50 Smore Puns

Smore puns are playful wordplays revolving around the popular campfire treat composed of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

These puns ingeniously incorporate elements of s’mores, such as roasting marshmallows, assembling ingredients, or the cozy campfire setting, into humorous phrases or jokes.

They evoke images of crackling campfires, gooey marshmallows, and laughter under the stars, infusing any conversation or written piece with a delightful sense of humor.

Best Smore Jokes

Why did the graham cracker break up with the marshmallow? It just couldn’t handle the heat between them.

I tried to make a s’more, but I burned everything except my ego.

How does a mountain make a s’more? It uses a fresh “avalanche” of marshmallows.

Why did the campfire get in trouble? It couldn’t s’more responsibly.

What do you call a s’more that’s been left out in the rain? A “s’marsh”mallow.

The graham cracker couldn’t decide what to do with its life. It was feeling lost in s’mores.

What did the coffee say to the s’more? “You complete me.”

Why did the chocolate go on a diet? It was getting too thick in s’mores.

I was sad because I ran out of s’mores, but then I found some happiness in “chocolate-cy”.

How do you make a s’more in space? You use astro-marshmallows and cosmic chocolate.

What did one s’more say to another s’more? “We make quite the pair.”

Why are s’mores always such great storytellers? They have so many layers.

The s’more went on vacation to the beach. It said it needed some “sandwich therapy.

What do you call a s’more that’s high up in a tree? A “branch’d” out treat.

I asked my friend if they wanted a s’more, but they said they couldn’t take the “heat in treats”.

Why was the s’more sent to the principal’s office? It was caught trying to start a marsh-mellow rebellion.

What’s a s’more’s favorite mode of transportation? “Graham-dpa”.

What do you call a s’more that plays pranks on people? A “roasting” jokester.

A s’more walked into a bar and ordered a drink. The bartender said, “Sorry, we don’t serve s’mores here.” The s’more replied, “But I’m incredibly “a-mallow-droit”.”

The s’more had to go to the dentist. It had too many “cavity-layers”.

Biscuit Puns

Did you hear about the biscuit who opened a bakery? It was on a roll.

I tried to tell a joke about biscuits, but it went stale.

What do you call a biscuit that tells jokes? A pun-kin spice biscuit.

The biscuit and the tea were having a heated debate—they couldn’t seem to find common “grounds.

I got in trouble for stealing biscuits from work, but I told my boss it was just a case of “doughlent behavior.

Why was the biscuit sad? It was feeling crumby.

When the biscuit went on vacation, it said it needed a “biscational break”.

What’s a biscuit’s favorite type of math? “Dough-nuts and bolts”.

I asked my biscuit if it could keep a secret, and it replied, “I’m a “trustbiscuit”.”

How did the biscuit propose to its sweetheart? It gave her a “carat biscuit”.

The biscuit was feeling under the weather, so I told it to rest and “heal-biscuit-ly”.

What do you call two biscuits sunbathing together? “Coasta-biscuits”.

I found a biscuit in my pocket, and I thought, “Well, that’s a crummy surprise.”

The biscuit was in a hurry, but it tripped and broke its crumb. It was a “biscuit of fate”.

What did the biscuit say to the butter? “You’re my “spread-mate”.”

Smore Jokes

I told my friend I was going to start a biscuit business, and they said, “Well, that sounds like a bake for success.”

The biscuit kept making mistakes, and everyone told it to take a “break-biscuit”.

What’s a biscuit’s favorite type of music? Pop “tarts.

My friend got a job inspecting biscuits, and they said it’s a “rollin’ in dough” kind of career.

The biscuit was feeling sleepy, but it couldn’t find its “pillow-bite”.

Smore One-Liners

I tried to tell a joke about smores, but it just didn’t have enough “firepower”.

Did you hear about the smore who got into acting? It’s really good at playing the “melodrama”.

The smore was feeling sandwiched between the graham crackers—it needed some space to “s’more-ve”.

Why did the smore go to school? To become a “toastmaster”.

When the smore went on a walk, it said it needed to “marshmellow-ut”.

The smore’s favorite subject in school? “Smore-economics”—the study of optimal dessert ratios.

What do you call a smore who loves to dance? A “toast of the town”.

The smore read a lot of books to become more knowledgeable—it wanted to be “well-read and well-roasted”.

Did you hear the rumor about the popular smore? It was all about “campfire-status”.

The smore tried its hand at painting, but it struggled with the “sweet art” of balancing flavors.