50 Stranger Things Jokes

The humor in “Stranger Things” jokes can be quite funny, particularly for fans of the show who are familiar with its characters and storyline.

The jokes often cleverly subvert expectations or highlight absurdities within the series, leading to moments of comedic irony or satire.

These jokes often play on the show’s characters, plotlines, or iconic moments, incorporating elements of science fiction, 80s nostalgia, and pop culture references..

Funny Stranger Things Jokes

What do you call a humorous occurrence in a parallel universe? A laugh-upside-down.

If Eleven opened a bakery, it would be called “Eggo My Bakery.”

Why did the demogorgon go to therapy? It had too many Upside-Downs in its life.

What did Dustin say when he found a really funny joke? “That’s some prime ‘Dad Steve’ material!”

When the Hawkins kids tell jokes, they always turn the world ‘upside-right’ with laughter.

Why did Will never become a comedian? Because his jokes are always stuck in the Upside-Down.

What do you call a demogorgon with a great sense of humor? A “Demogiggle.”

Why did the Mind Flayer start a comedy club? It wanted to take over the Upside-Down stand-up scene.

How do you make a demodog laugh? Tell it a “bite-sized” joke.

Why did Eleven join the debate team? Because she always wins arguments with her “mind-blowing” points.

What do you get when you cross Hawkins Lab with a joke book? Experimental humor.

Why did Mike sneak into the arcade after bedtime? He heard they had “Game Over” jokes.

Why was the Demogorgon so bad at poker? It always showed its “tell-tale” signs.

How does the Mind Flayer communicate with its minions? Through “telekinetic comedy.”

Why was the Hawkins power plant worker such a good comedian? He knew how to “light up” a room.

What did Max say when she aced her comedy routine? “That’s how you shred the punchline.”

How does Steve Harrington style his hair? With “Demi-gel” from the Upside-Down.

Why was Lucas always the life of the party? He had a “firecracker” sense of humor.

What do you call a joke told in the Upside-Down? A “reverse-rofl” moment.

Why did Hopper become a detective instead of a comedian? Because his jokes always “investigate” the truth.

Interesting Stranger Things Jokes

What do you call jokes that come from an alternate dimension? Interdimensional chuckles.

If Hawkins was a comedy club, it would be called “The Curious Incident.”

Why did the kids from Hawkins Elementary School always get laughs? Because their jokes were out of this world.

What did the psychic girl say when she made everyone laugh? “Mind if I bend your sense of humor?”

When Will tells jokes, they’re always an interesting “upside-over.”

Why did Dustin bring his pet demodog to the comedy show? Because it had a killer sense of humor!

How did the Hawkins kids lighten up their adventures? With jokes that turned things “right side-funny.”

What do you call a demogorgon with a witty comeback? A “wittygororgon.”

Why did the Mind Flayer enroll in a stand-up comedy class? It wanted to master “mind-bending punchlines.”

How did the Hawkins AV Club make everyone laugh? With their reel-to-reel of “laughter and monsters.”

Why did Mike Wheeler become a comedian? Because he had a “Dungeons and Giggles” sense of humor.

What did Eleven say when she cracked a joke? “Looks like I’ve got a ‘mind-mender’ on my hands.”

Why did Lucas Sinclair carry a joke book everywhere? Because he knew the power of a well-timed “joke-slinger.”

How does Steve Harrington keep his cool? With a “scoops of humor” from the Upside-Down.

Why was Joyce Byers such a hit at parties? She had a knack for turning any situation into an “interesting twist.”

What did Max say when she nailed her comedy routine? “That’s how you shred the laugh track!”

Why did Hopper always have the best one-liners? Because he knew how to “investigate” what made people laugh.

How did Jonathan Byers capture moments of laughter? With his trusty “camera and comedy.”

What do you call jokes told during a Demodog attack? “Bite-sized humor.”

Why did Nancy Wheeler become a journalist instead of a comedian? Because her wit always uncovered the “story behind the laughter.”

Short Stranger Things Jokes

Diminutive Demogorgon chuckles.

Lilliputian Laughter Loop.

Compact Comedy Quips.

Miniature Mind Mirth.

Petite Punchline Parade.

Tiny Telekinetic Titters.

Brief Bizarre Banter.

Small-scale Side Splitting.

Mini Mind Flayer Fun.

Pocket-sized Jocular Joy.