50 Sweet Potato Puns

Sweet Potato, Sweet Potato, to make your laugh come true. A baked white or yellow vegetable don’t you just love it, if you want to lose weight eat more of it.

Let’s face it. Sweet potatoes are delicious! No other veggie can quite compare to that sweet, earthy taste.

And Sweet potatoes are packed with essential vitamins & minerals including vitamin C and beta-carotene which help fight heart disease and cancer! Plus, they’re delicious.

Raise your fork up to a healthier lifestyle by starting with one of the 50 sweet potato puns below.

Best Potato Puns

“You’re so spud-tacular, I’m sweet potato it!”

“I yam so glad we met, let’s be sweet potato-gether forever.”

“I know we’ve just been mashed up, but I yam already head over heels for you!”

“How sweet of you to be spending thyme with me, my lovely sweet potato.”

“If you were a sweet potato, I’d want to mash with you all day long.”

You’re the yam to my yang, the sweet to my potato, and the butter to my mash.

“I honestly can’t get enough of you, sweet potato, because you’re so yamazing!”

“Let’s make our love as sweet as a perfectly baked sweet potato.”

“You light up my life like the warmth of a freshly baked sweet potato.”

“I don’t yam normally one to say this, but you have me feeling like a sweet potato straight out of the ground!”

“You make me feel like a hot and steamy sweet potato on a cold winter’s day, all cozy on the inside.”

“I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to you, sweet potato, because you make me feel all warm and mushy inside.”

“You’re no plain potato, you’re a sweet potato, meaning you come with all the sugary love and extra flavor.”

“It’s the way your sweetness perfectly complements my savory nature, sweet potato, that makes me know we were meant to be.”

“I’m pretty sure there’s nothing more wholesome and delicious than a warm sweet potato… except maybe you, my sweet love!”

Sweet Potato Jokes

Why did the sweet potato go to school? To become a “smarty spud”!

What do you call a sweet potato that gets all the attention? The “hot potato” of the bunch!

Why did the sweet potato blush? Because it saw the mashed potatoes “gravy-ing” it!

What do you get when you cross a sweet potato with a vampire? Bat-tato fries!

What did one sweet potato say to the other at the gym? “Are you ready to get “mashed” together?”

Sweet Potato Jokes

How does a sweet potato ask for a favor? It says, “Can you lend me a “sweet” hand?

Why did the sweet potato refuse to tell secrets? It’s a “mum-tato”!

What’s a sweet potato’s favorite type of music? Yam” rock!

Why did the sweet potato go to outer space? It wanted to be the first “spud-nik”!

How did the sweet potato propose to its sweetheart? It said, “I yam here to say… we make a great “mash” together!”

What did the sweet potato say when it won an award? “I’m tuber-lutely the “sweetest”!”

How do you make a sweet potato laugh? You “mash” its funny bone!

What do you call a sweet potato with fantastic dance moves? A “twerk-tato”!

Why did the sweet potato become an artist? It had a “pic-tato” for creativity!

What do you call a sweet potato that can sing? A “melody-spud”!

Sweet Potato Pick-Up Lines

“Hey sweet potato, I used to think I was a pretty good cook until I met you. Mind sharing your recipe with me?”

“Are you a sweet potato? Because you sure know how to make my heart mash all the right beats.”

“I yam not usually this forward, but you’re one delicious-looking sweet potato, and I just had to say ‘hi’.”

“I can’t help but feel the warmth radiating off of you from over here, sweet potato. Mind if I borrow some of that heat for myself?

“If beauty were a vegetable, you’d be a sweet potato, and I’d be head over heels for you in a heartbeat!”

“You must be a sweet potato because I feel so much better with you in my life! Can I take you out on a date?”

“I’d love to keep you close and warm like a fluffy baked sweet potato on a cold winter’s night.”

“I yam in awe of your beauty, sweet potato. Can I take you out to dinner and see if we make a great sweet potato mash?

“You remind me of a sweet potato, because even when you’re done on the outside, there’s so much more to uncover on the inside.”

“I can’t help but think you must be the sweetest thing since sweet potatoes. How do you feel about going out for one of my favorite dishes?

I love everything about you, sweet potato, from your gorgeous skin to the complex sweetness that’s just right on the inside.

“I yam tasting a hint of sweetness every time I look at you, sweet potato. Want to go out and see if the flavors mix well together?”

“I don’t know what it is about you, sweet potato, but you’ve got me daydreaming about all the delicious ways we could be together.”

“If I had to compare you to any vegetable, sweet potato, I’d say you’re the cream of the crop.”

I yam willing to put my sweet tooth to the test and see if you’re as sweet as you look, sweet potato. Are you ready for a tasty adventure?”

“I have a little secret – I’m a sweet potato in disguise. Want to find out what other secrets I’m hiding?”

I think we’re like sweet potatoes, we may come from different places, but together we’re the perfect mash-up!

“You’re like a sweet potato, the more I get to know you, the sweeter you become.”

“I can’t get you out of my head, sweet potato. Want to accompany me to grab a cup of coffee and see if we can roast up something special together?

“I’m looking for a sweet potato to share my life with, and I think I’ve found the perfect one. Want to give this a chance?”

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