60 Truck Jokes

The world of trucking is a fascinating and essential part of our global economy. From the rumble of powerful engines to the sight of massive rigs barreling down the highways, the trucking industry keeps goods moving, bridges communities, and connects businesses around the world.

It’s time for some truck jokes. These jokes will put a smile on your face and make your day more enjoyable.

Trucks, truck drivers, highways and other topics related to transportation are covered in great numbers. The best thing is that all of these jokes are clean so they can be shared with friends and family.

Best Truck Jokes

Why did the pickup truck always get stuck in traffic? Its owner loved “hauling” everyone around.

The semi-truck driver decided to quit their job. They just couldn’t “car-go” with it anymore.

A group of trucks went on a camping trip, but realized they forgot the “trunk”-size tents.

Did you hear about the truck that won the lottery? It decided to “pick-up” and travel the world.

My truck has a great personality – it’s always “punning” up and making me laugh.

Why did the monster truck decide to open a coffee shop? It wanted to “grind” down the competition.

The truck driver was trying to take a selfie, but it kept coming out “peter-built”.

What do you call a group of trucks that form a band? The “flat-bed” rockers.

My dad’s favorite truck joke? “If you can’t Dodge it, Ram it.”

Why did the truck driver refuse to eat watermelon? He didn’t “car-go” for seeds.

The trucker kept telling people he was a karaoke sensation. Turns out, he just loves singing “cheesy” songs about trucks.

What do you call a trucker who loves to exercise? A “pickup-and-run” fanatic.

Two trucks were racing, but eventually, they both hit a “dead-end.

Why did the pickup truck break down on the way to the beach? It had too much “sand” in the gas tank.

My truck just started making donkey sounds. I think it’s suffering from “Hauler-phonic” fever.

Truck Puns

My truck and I have the perfect relationship – it always “car-gives” me.

Did you hear about the truck driver who became an author? He’s now a “semi”-finalist.

When the truck went on vacation, it said it was going to “pick-up” some relaxation.

How do trucks greet each other? With a “highway” wave.

I asked my truck if it wanted to join a gym, but it said it was already “ton” enough.

The truck wanted to become a chef, but it couldn’t because it “couldn’t ketchup.

My truck thinks it’s a comedian – it’s always “delivering” hilarious punchlines.

Why did the truck bring a ladder to the party? It wanted to “pick-up” some high friends.

The truck couldn’t figure out how to make friends – it thought it had a “tail”-gate.

I tried to teach my truck how to sing, but it got “exhaust”-ed after one verse.

What did the truck say when it won the lottery? “It’s time to “pick-up” the winnings.”

Why did the truck start taking yoga classes? It wanted to improve its “wheel“-being.

The truck tried to learn a foreign language but ended up speaking in “truck”-cents.

My truck told me it dreams of becoming a detective one day – it wants to “pick-up” clues.

The truck decided to become an actor – it’s tired of just “hauling” around.

Truck One-Liners

Truck One-Liners

I asked my truck if it could win a race and it replied, “Sure, I can ‘pick up’ the pace.”

My truck loves to tell jokes, but it always leaves me ‘truck’-ing with laughter.

The truck driver’s favorite type of music? Heavy ‘tow’-nes.

My friend’s truck is so old, it’s practically ‘grand’ton.

I tried to give my truck a compliment, but it just ‘tail’-gated me.

Don’t trust a truck carrying onions, they might make you ‘cry’-vans.

My truck wanted to be an athlete, but it didn’t have the ‘drive.

The truck’s favorite superhero? ‘Captain’ Haul-merica.

Did you know that some trucks have a secret talent for ‘wheely’ good dance moves?

My truck enjoys meditating, it likes to be in a ‘tran’s-port state.

Why did the truck decide to go to college? To earn a ‘de-gree-ll’ in transportation.

The truck driver couldn’t resist telling road sign puns – he’s a ‘sign’-ificant joker.

I told my truck it was heavy, but it just said it’s ‘truck’-ulent and proud.

What’s a truck’s favorite place to relax? In ‘par’-king lots.

The truck decided to go on a diet but struggled to resist ‘carb’uretors.

Short Truck Jokes

Did you hear about the truck that went on a diet? It wanted to make sure it wasn’t over-“ton”-d.

Why did the truck driver start a gardening business? He wanted to specialize in “tr-“uckers.

My friend’s truck was making funny noises, so I asked, “What’s the “axle”-dent?”

What did one truck say to the other truck at the party? Nice to “meat“-er, buddy.

Why did the truck become a comedian? It always had a knack for “truck”-ster humor.

What’s a truck’s favorite type of music? Rock and ‘roll’-back.

I saw a truck eating a salad today. It was really trying to stay “trim” and “tail”‘.

The truck decided to join a band, but it could only play the “car“-go.

Why did the truck throw a party for its wheels? They were its “tire”-less supporters.

I asked the truck driver if he had seen the missing tire. He replied, “I have ‘no-tion'”.

What did one truck say to the other truck in traffic? “Hay, let’s ‘pick-up’ the pace.”

Why did the truck driver open a bakery? He wanted to be the “b-“read-er of the fleet.

Did you hear about the truck that became a chef? It mastered the art of ‘grill’-ing.

I caught my truck flossing its wheels, and I asked, “Are you trying to prevent ‘gum’-sion?”

What did the truck say to the sports car? You may be quick, but I’m “haul”-some.

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