35 Water Polo Jokes

Have you heard the one about the water polo ball, but that’s not it. No really…

Water polo jokes are a fun way to pass the time while waiting for the water polo tournament to begin.

The jokes cover from water-themed puns to clever wordplay. they are sure to make waves and have you cheering from the sidelines. Grab your swim cap, don your water polo gear, and join us as we float through a sea of laughter with these fin-tastic water polo jokes.

Let’s dive in and swim alongside the tide of humor

Water Polo Jokes

Why do water polo players always carry extra towels? Because they’re good at waterplay.

What do you call a water polo player with a bad memory? A goalie.

Why did the water polo player refuse to play with his team? Because he was being poolly.

Why are water polo players such bad singers? Because they’re always pitching water.

Why do water polo players make bad chefs? Because they’re always drowning the pasta.

Why did the water polo team go to the movies after a big win? They wanted to sea-lebrate.

What did the coach say to the water polo player who kept swimming out of bounds? Water you doing?

Why are water polo players great at math? Because they know how to calculate the water’s depth.

What do you call a water polo player who can’t swim? A big SINKer.

Why did the water polo player bring a ladder to practice? Because he wanted to reach the high dive.

When the water polo player decided to try kayaking, they realized they could swim with the paddle and score goals with the oar—a true example of “water polo-ing” with a twist

In a surprising twist, the water polo player discovered their hidden talent for archery, shooting arrows with precision from the pool, proving that in the realm of aquatic sports, they were truly a “bow-splashing” force to be reckoned with.

What’s a water polo player’s favorite restaurant? Olive Oil and Water.

Why did the water polo coach give his players life jackets? Because he wanted them to stay a-float.

How do you know if a water polo player is telling a joke? He’ll start swimming with laughter.

Water Polo Puns

Water Polo Jokes

“I joined the water polo team, and now I’m just swimming in success!”

Water polo players always make a splash at the pool parties.

“The water polo match was so gripping, it really reeled us all in.”

“I accidentally left my water polo ball outside, and now it’s all wrinkled…it’s gone from bouncy to flouncy.”

“I asked the water polo player why they were so tired…they said it was quite draining.”

“The goalie on the water polo team was a real catch…nothing got past them.”

“Water polo is like a synchronized dance in the pool…it’s all about making waves together.”

“The water polo team’s victory was no accident…they really made waves out there.”

“I joined a water polo team that only plays in the rain…we call it ‘Puddle Polo’.”

“My water polo team always keeps it cool…we’re known as the ‘Freshwater Fins’.”

“The water polo player brought a ladder to the game…they’re always aiming for a high dive.”

“The water polo match was so intense, they called it the ‘Battle of the Pools’!”

“The water polo coach always reminds us to stay hydrated…she’s really keeping us on the water.”

“I asked the water polo player if they were a good swimmer…they said they sink, not swim.”

“The water polo team loves a challenge…they’re always diving right in.”

“The water polo ball tried to avoid going in the net…it didn’t want to make a splash landing.”

The water polo player got a job at a brewery…they excel at watering down drinks.

Water polo is like a chess match in the pool…every move requires great coordination.

“The water polo team won the championship…they were just oar-some in the pool.”

“The water polo team had a great strategy…they butterfly-ed their opponents away.”

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