50 Zebra Jokes

Zebras are nature’s funky fashionistas, rocking those snazzy stripes like they’re on a catwalk! With their black-and-white bling, they’re like walking optical illusions, leaving lions puzzled and photographers clicking away.

One of the most underrated animals out there is the zebra. Don’t believe me? Look at this majestic animal – don’t you think it’s worthy of more attention? And Here are 50 zebra jokes to relieve the stress, boredom, and loneliness of not having a zebra in your life.

Zebra Puns

What do you call a group of zebras playing musical instruments? A “striped” band.

Why did the zebra go to art school? It wanted to learn how to “ink” creatively.

How does a zebra order its coffee? “No cream, just “black-and-white”.

What do you get when you cross a zebra with a porcupine? A “colorful quill-ty” stripe.

Why don’t zebras use Facebook? They prefer “stripe-booking” instead.

What’s a zebra’s favorite fruit? “Cant-herd” melon.

How do zebras keep track of their appointments? They use a “stripe-tacular” calendar.

Why do zebras make bad poker players? Because they’re always showing their “hand-stripes”.

What’s a zebra’s favorite TV show? “Zebra Survivor”, of course.

How do zebras stay in touch with their friends? They “whinny” up the phone.

When do zebras go to bed? “When the “knight-mares” start galloping.

What do you call a zebra without any stripes? A “black-and-white” horse.

Why did the zebra cross the road? To get to the “stripe-side”.

How do you tell a zebra from an elephant? With “striped” accuracy, of course.

What does a zebra say when it’s surprised? “Well, stripe me down”.

Why do zebras make great detectives? They have a “nose for stripes” clues.

What do you call a zebra in the snow? A “frosty-striped” creature.

What’s a zebra’s favorite summer activity? Visiting the “spotted” sand dunes.

How does a zebra start a letter? With “Dear” foal”ks”.

Why do zebras always win races? They have “zebra-fast” running skills.

Best Zebra Jokes

Best Zebra Jokes

Did you hear about the zebra that became a chef? It was known for its “striped” culinary skills.

What’s a zebra’s favorite type of movie? Anything in “black and white-tertainment”.

How did the zebra master the art of juggling? It had a “spot-on” talent for multitasking.

What’s a zebra’s favorite subject in school? “Stripe-nomics”.

What do you call a zebra that can’t stop making jokes? A “pun-tiful” stallion.

How does a zebra send a message? With “spot-on” delivery.

Why don’t zebras use computers? They prefer “hand-stripes” communication.

What did the zebra say when it won an award? “I’m feeling “stripetastic”.

Why did it take the zebra so long to finish its meal? It was always “grazing” around.

How does a zebra keep its fur looking neat? With a “stripe-grooming” routine.

What’s a zebra’s favorite type of dessert? “Stripe-berry” pie.

How do zebras stay warm in the winter? With their “fur-sty” black and white coats.

What do you call a group of zebras singing in harmony? A “z-berry”.

Why did the zebra take up painting? It wanted to express its “stripe-tastic” creativity.

What’s a zebra’s favorite dance move? The “strut and “stripe”.

How does a zebra know when it’s time for dinner? When it hears the “dinn-“neigh” time” bell.

What did one zebra say to another at the gym? “Let’s work our “stripes” off together.”

Why did the zebra bring a ladder to the party? It wanted to reach new “heights” of fun.

What’s a zebra’s favorite mode of transportation? The “stripe-dewire”.

How do zebras plan their vacations? They use a “striped” itinerary to explore new destinations.

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