40 Lightning Puns

Lots of people can hear thunder and automatically associate it with lightning (big zap, big flash). To some, lightning is terrifying.

Multiple strikes in one area can cause injury to anything near the strike. At night, lighting can be scary; on a cloudy day, still scary. For a small country like Iceland though, it’s their most profitable export.

It’s said that nothing is original in the world of comedy, but you’ve just found forty new ways to tell people what you’re talking about. And if that wasn’t enough – they’re all puns.

Best Lightning Puns

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Lightning Jokes

Why did the lightning go to school? To brush up on its electric grammar!

How do thunder and lightning communicate? They use Sky-pe!

What do you call a lightning bolt that is photogenic? A flash of inspiration!

Why was the lightning so good at playing cards? It always had a shocking hand!

What did the lightning say to the thunder during their argument? “You’re making me sound electrifying!”

How does a lightning bolt style its hair? It uses a static cling brush!

Why don’t lightning bolts ever feel lonely? They always have a bright side!

Did you hear about the lightning who joined a band? They were the ultimate “shock and roll” group!

What’s a lightning bolt’s favorite type of literature? Flash fiction!

Why did the Lightning start a fitness club? It wanted to create a “striking” exercise routine!

Lightning Puns

How did the lightning bolt comfort its friend who was feeling down? It gave them a positive charge of encouragement!

What’s a lightning bolt’s favorite pastime? Reading e-books!

How does a lightning bolt feel when it makes a great pun? Absolutely electrifying!

What do you call a thunderstorm that tells jokes? A perfect opportunity for thunder- laughter!

Why did the lightning invite the clouds to its dinner party? It wanted to strike up a great conversation!

Lightning Pick-Up Lines

Are you a lightning bolt? Because you’ve electrified my heart!

Girl, are you thunder? Because you make my heart race faster than a lightning bolt.

I’m no lightning rod, but I can certainly catch your attention.

If I had a nickel for every time I thought of you, I would be a millionaire faster than a lightning bolt!

You light up my life like a lightning strike on a dark night.

Can I follow you home? Because my heart just got struck by your lightning charm.

If you’re looking for a spark, I’m your guy. I’m faster than the speed of lightning!

You must be a lightning storm, because you’ve got me feeling all charged up.

Is there a lightning bolt in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Did it hurt when you fell from the sky? Because with moves like yours, you must have been carried by a lightning bolt.

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